Tip #13: Update a custom field with pre-defined values

A custom field in Highrise is a useful way to store a piece of information that is unique to your business.

You and your team can use any value you want in a custom field. It’s great to have some flexibility, but sometimes this can leads to confusion.

Let’s say you have a custom field titled Is a Member?

In this custom field, you and your team used several different values: yes, yeah, no, nope, Y, N, Yee, Nah, etc.

What value should you use? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

With several values, it makes it hard to filter your contacts by a custom field and even harder to share information with your team.

This is why Highrise has an option for pre-defined values in custom fields. The pre-defined options bring some integrity back to your custom field.

Let’s update the Is a Member? custom field with two pre-defined values: Yes and No

You can follow these steps to update your custom fields with a pre-defined value.

How to update a custom field with pre-defined values

  1. An admin or the account owner will first need to add the pre-defined values to the custom field

2) Next follow these steps to export all your contacts you wish to update in CSV or Excel format.

3) Edit the existing exported file and locate the custom field column. Add the pre-defined values for the contacts you need to update.

4) Delete any unneeded fields. In order to update contacts in Highrise, your file should include the following fields: Highrise ID and any fields that contain new data you want to import.You can delete any other fields that aren’t being used.

For example, our file looks like this:

5) Import the new file and choose the Update the existing Highrise contact with the data in the file I uploaded on the final step.

6) Check the account for the updated custom field with the pre-defined values.

Now the contacts are updated with two values instead of eight or nine different values. All it took was a few steps.

Need help updating a custom field with pre-defined values? Please tell us what needs to be updated and we’ll be happy to help.