Tip #24: Connect Tasks to Your Google Event Calendar using Zapier

Did you know Highrise integrates with tons of other applications?

Third party applications use the Highrise API to send information from Highrise into another application, like your Google Calendar.

One of the most popular third party integrations is Zapier because it connects hundreds and hundreds of apps together.

A popular “Zap” is to send a new Highrise task to your Google Calendar as an event.

Zapier checks for new Highrise tasks and automagically sends them to your Google Event Calendar.

Why is this helpful?

It shows your Highrise tasks on a calendar you use every day. Right now, there is no native calendar in Highrise, so this gives you that ability!

Plus, other users on your account can create the same “Zap” and send their tasks to a common shared Google Calendar.

Wait, do I need to use Zapier at all?

Not necessarily, you can subscribe your Highrise tasks’ iCal feed to your Google Calendar.

So why use Zapier?

First, you get a ton more customization options of how the tasks appear on your calendar. You can choose different parameters like a start time, end time, the summary of the event, different colors, if it should recur, etc.

Choose from different customization options when creating this Zap.

And second, Zapier can fetch new tasks that are created every 15 minutes. This fetching is a big advantage over Google’s iCal feed that can sometimes take up to 12 hours to sync or show changes.

Google’s iCal link can take up to 12 hours to sync. Zapier’s is faster.

Can you please show me how to set up the Zap?

You got it! Watch this video below that describes exactly how to create a Zap to send new Highrise tasks to your Google Events Calendar.

If you’re having trouble, please check out Zapier’s documentation or contact Zapier’s support team.

Curious about other integrations? Send our support team a message and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.