Tip #36: View Your Contacts on a Map with BatchGeo

Is it possible to view all my contacts on a map?

This week’s tip comes from another common request from anyone that uses Highrise. When viewing a contact’s page with an address, you do find a link to see that address on a map:

This is useful if you want to see the physical location of one of your contacts. But what if you want to plan a route of all your contacts or see them all on one map?

Highrise doesn’t yet support a way to view all contacts on one map, however, you can use a third party to make this possible. And all it involves is a few steps.

Here is how to make it work with BatchGeo:

  1. Export your contacts in CSV format. If you only want a subset of contacts, you can filter by a field or filter by a tag to only export a segment of contacts.
  2. Once exported, open the file and locate the address columns. We recommend removing any columns from the file you don’t need, and leaving only the contact name and the address columns.
  3. Now, go to BatchGeo: https://batchgeo.com/
  4. Copy the rows and columns from your file, and paste into BatchGeo.
  5. Validate and Set options if needed in BatchGeo, and click Make Map
  6. See all contacts on your map.

BatchGeo also has advanced options to make it easier to see all your contacts on one map.

For example, you can color code the entries. Use the key to easily find the company (contact) names and locations:

The BatchGeo Support Center has more information on different functionality when mapping contacts too.

Whether you need to plan a route to visit contacts in a certain region, or you want to see where the majority of your customers are located, or you’re just curious to see all your contacts on one map — we recommend using BatchGeo and this workaround.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.