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See Your FOMO Duck in Action During Highstreet’s Lunar Vault Run!

The Forever FOMO Duck Squad (FFDS) NFT can win you $HIGH tokens and much more.

On September 17, Highstreet unveiled the Forever FOMO Duck Squad (FFDS) NFTs based on the adorable Fomo Duck Mascot. In just over a week, there are now hundreds of FOMO Ducks out in the wild, all thanks to your support!

Now that you’ve officially become a squad member, let’s get to work! The Lunar Vault is about to open, as holders of Fomo Ducks, you’re already qualified to enter! As the mid-autumn festival draws to a close, and the treasures within the vault is ripe for harvest. $300,000 worth of $HIGH tokens are generously up for grabs for the most adventurous of ducks.

Starting from September 27, 2021, at 16:00 p.m. UTC, holders of Fomo Duck NFTs can participate in a lucky draw for vouchers at foreverfomoducksquad.com.

The vouchers, powered by Solv Protocol, can be exchanged 1-for-1 for $HIGH tokens after our token generation event. This means the Lunar Vault Run gives you a head start on getting $HIGH tokens before they are listed! These vouchers are also your ticket into Highstreet’s limited-edition marketplace: the Web Alpha Test of Highstreet Market, participants in our upcoming Drop Zero will get yet another chance of getting more $HIGH tokens ahead of Public Sale.

Participating in the Lunar Vault Run

To take part in the Lunar Vault Run, follow these steps:

  1. Get your FFDS NFT by minting it at foreverfomoducksquad.com for 0.069 ETH plus gas fees. For more details, check out our introduction to FOMO Ducks.
  2. You can also buy FFDS NFTs on OpenSea. One important reminder: if you buy from the secondary market, check the “Properties” tab to see how many times a specific FFDS NFT can visit the vault, under “Vault Run Left.” Make sure this number isn’t zero!
  3. Starting on September 27, the vault will be available at foreverfomoducksquad.com. You can participate by clicking on the “Vault Run” button and then selecting a FOMO Duck that is in your possession.
  4. Each freshly minted FFDS NFT can visit the vault three times. These attempts cannot be replenished, but they can stack for the same wallet address. For example, if a user has two freshly minted ducks, their wallet can be used for six vault runs.
  5. From the vault, users have a chance of drawing vouchers with face values of 50, 100, 200, 300, 500. If you didn’t win a voucher on the first try, don’t worry: you can always get more FOMO Ducks to give you more chances.
  6. Once the IDO whitelisting event is over, Duck Minting Fees will increase in price significantly, so mint ahead of time!

If you draw a voucher from the vault, you can hold it to participate in the Web Alpha Test. Our limited-edition marketplace launches soon for voucher holders only. Vouchers can also be swapped to $HIGH token with solv.finance at a later date.

When the $HIGH token begins its public sale on Polkastarter on October 7, you can also visit the Solv website to convert unused vouchers to $HIGH.

Acquiring FFDS NFTs on the Secondary Market

One easy way to get more tries for the Lunar Vault Run is to buy FFDS NFTs on the secondary market, such as OpenSea. Since each newly minted NFT guarantees three vault runs, it’s important that you only acquire FFDS NFTs that match your expectations.

FFDS NFTs can be resold regardless of how many vault runs they have left. Before buying the NFT, you should check the “Vault Run Left” trait, which is publicly viewable under the “Properties” tab. This number should be between three and zero; if it’s zero, it means it can no longer access the vault.

You should also be aware that OpenSea’s metadata does not update instantaneously, meaning there might be a desync in the metadata. If you want to buy an FFDS NFT to access the vault, check with the seller to make sure that the vault runs have not been exhausted.

Now you’re all set for the Lunar Vault Run. Bring along your FOMO Ducks and see what treasures await!

About Highstreet

Founded in 2015 by Travis Wu and Jenny Guo, Highstreet is a commerce-centric metaverse accessible on browsers as well as in native PCVR. With a team of veterans from VR, DeFi, fine art, and hype markets, the mission of Highstreet is to bridge the gap between reality and the digital world, and to redefine the way financial products are consumed and sold on the market. Players are able to form parties to explore a vast new world on the Highstreet interface, own and expand their virtual reality estates, and buy tokenized products from their favorite brands.

For the latest information about Highstreet and our token launch, please follow us on these channels:

Website | Medium | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

Media contact for brands: merchants@highstreet.market
General inquiries: info@highstreet.market




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