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Spreading Crypto: Why Do Crypto Normies Need a Bank?

Crypto allows us to get rid of banks. Why is a bank needed? How does Genesis Block get us closer to broader crypto adoption?

Genesis Block: The Bank

Does Crypto Need a Bank?

Mick doing volunteer work at a Refugee Camp in Greece

Crypto allows us to get rid of banks. Do we really need a crypto-powered bank like Genesis Block?

Analogy: Email Hosting

However, it’s not realistic to expect the majority of people (the masses) to set up their own email server. Nor is it something that we should promote or encourage.

Crypto: DIY Bank vs Hosted Bank

The billions of normies out there simply don’t need to become their own bank. Nor should we encourage it.

When setting up your DIY bank

Experts & Professionals

Normies should be putting their money in places where the teams are deeply familiar with the tech, know how to best leverage it, and know how to safely generate value.


For the billions of normies out there, putting money in a digital bank like Genesis Block will be simpler, more secure, and financially more rewarding than if they were to become their own bank.



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