Almighty: an introduction

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3 min readOct 17, 2016


OK dudes. It’s time to introduce you to our main video game project! :)

The basics

A Sandbox is a game focused on freedom and creativity. Thus, its lifetime and possibilities are only limited by the player’s fantasy and by the community dynamism. You probably all have heard of a little indie game called Minecraft, or at least once enjoyed making a road trip in GTA. ;)

Minecraft: Cubes EVERYWHERE © Mojang

On the other hand, a God Game literally makes you… a deity. Yeah! A deity with a lot of power to interact with the virtual world and influence its inhabitants, that is to say YOUR very own people. Miracles, punishments, throwing trees and stones across the map, burning cows, terraforming, and so on. To each game its rules, the idea always being to raise a feeling of all-powerfulness in the player.

But remember, “With great power comes great responsibility”. :D

Black&White: Fear my creature, MORTALS! © EA

Our project is at the crossroads of these two worlds. We would like to recreate what we love in both: the creative aspect of the Sandbox, and the feeling of omnipotence of a God Game. YOU will be the Master of puppets, and you will rule the world for the best or for the worst.

That is why we called the game Almighty.


We will be guided by what we enjoyed in classic God Games. Our main sources of inspiration are Black&White and, to a lesser extent, Spore.

Among other things:

  • Miracles, being helpful (a little rain to help your farmers?) or destructive (fireballs!).
  • “Physical” interactions with the environment: move things, dig rivers, kill innocent people, etc.
  • Your strategic choices make you Good or Evil, Loved or Feared.

But we will also bring innovative ideas and concepts:

  • Advanced ecosystem simulation, with an educational aspect.
  • The Life Editor! Build your own creatures and plants, assemble prefabricated “organs” or create new ones from scratch. Then, add your baby to the ecosystem and see what happens.
  • “Inspire” some messiahs to share your wishes.
  • Collective learning: teach your people what is Good and what is Wrong with a system of punishments and rewards, shape your own culture.
  • A true multiplayer, designed for this kind of game, with many ways to fight your enemies.
  • Extensibility (“be the Warcraft 3 of God Game”), share your creations with the community: creatures, miracles, mods, maps,…

The aim is to get an ambitious, balanced, effective, playful and innovative gameplay, based on the stimulation of creativity and the feeling of freedom, but which is still easy to handle by the player.

Stay tuned! We will tell you more in future posts. ❤