Why I Started Humble

A world where you can subscribe to anything

Humble wants to make your life simpler and more productive by offering you ways to subscribe to products and services offered by local stores.

The idea came to me when I wanted to work from a nearby cafe everyday, but it’s just to expensive. As a loyal customer, I should be able to get better deals for things I get on a regular basis.

“As a loyal consumer,” I thought, “I should be able to subscribe to get things I deem commodities.”

This works with rents, car loans, and magazine subscriptions, and it should work for everything else.

Humble is good for businesses

If you are a store owner, Humble is for you. In fact, it’s created for you. You will be able to earn up front from customers’ subscription and be better at predicting your business, cashflow, order, and inventory. Not just that, but you will also recognize loyal versus walk-in customers, tailor more targeted promotions, and even do flash sales when your business runs quiet. Humble let you connect to people who value your business.

The Future

Imagine this…

Ava steps into her favorite coffee joint on E 14th St and University Place in the morning.

“Hi Ava, here’s your regular morning latte, no syrup, as usual.”

“Thanks Ron!”

“And you have two more for this week. Don’t forget to drop by! We also make great doughnuts on Wednesdays which go really well with the latte.”

Then she walks across two blocks to a bodega, pick up a comb of bananas, and goes straight to check out on her phone.

“Hi, Ava, I see you’ve been here a few weeks before. Would you like to try the pears? I can give you one to try and please subscribe if you like it.

“Wow, that case I’d love to.”

Ava’s on Humble, and you should too.

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