Conventional vs Hybrid chat widgets — Who wins?

5 reasons that will make you switch from your boring chat solution

Besides helping you increase your bookings, there is also the marketing and brand advantage that comes from having a chat widget on your hotel’s website. By giving people the opportunity to chat with you in real-time, you instantly rise above your competition. Every chat session is an opportunity to deliver a personalized customer experience to potential guests. Which can also be a preview of the type of service they can expect from your hotel.

In the hospitality industry, the customer service landscape is always evolving. New technologies are introducing new guest expectations so, to have a conventional chat widget is no longer enough. Guests don’t want to receive an email reply 24 hours later. By then, they won’t even remember what was the query about, in fact, they probably just booked somewhere else. Your hotel needs to be available 24/7 on the channels that your guests use on the daily basis. For that, chatbots and automatization are crucial since your staff is not always available to answer their questions. Hence, hotels need to have a hybrid solution that fits the needs of the modern traveller. Let’s talk about the 5 advantages that will make you want a new widget:

1. It can identify if the user is logged in on Facebook

It’s important to be where your guests are. And your guests are on social networks and messaging apps, so of course, customer support on these channels is indispensable! Instant messaging platforms like Messenger are always more appealing to those looking for a quick response to a problem.

One of Hijiffy’s greatest advantages is that we are able to identify if the user is logged in on Facebook. If so, we will open the official Facebook Messenger widget directly on your website. After closing the website, your guests will be able to continue the conversation through Messenger on their desktop or smartphone. By contacting customers through this channel you’ll be communicating on their terms and in their own dialogue. In addition, you can then use this to informally listen to their opinions, respond to questions, gain more insight into your business and the best part is that by having customer care in this channel you will have happier guests!

Did you know that in our current clients’ widgets, 70 to 80% of users come via FB Messenger Widget?

2. It is able to retarget your guests

It’s highly unlikely that guests who are browsing your website, book right away. Therefore, it is important to re-engage with your “cart abandoners” at the right time, on the right channel to convert them into paying and returning guests. For example, with our widget, if it is not the best time to book or the user is still indecisive, we re-engage with them the next day. HiJiffy’s smart notification system diminishes the probability of abandonment because it will remind the user of what they were searching and even ask why they decided not to book.

3. No Chat Widget is complete without a Console

The synergy between channels is vital to guarantee and standardize the same experience to every guest in whichever channel or platform they choose. It is not enough to have a good chat widget if then you have no place to manage all the conversations and see the latest data! Don’t worry, we have the ideal solution for you — our Console aims to focus your activity on the guest, by placing the chat as the central element.

Your staff will have a unified inbox linked to several channels, for now, we have the Website and Facebook but E-mail, Line, Wechat and WhatsApp are coming soon! There, all the user conversations will be organized between “Open”, “Closed” and “All”. In addition, there are filters so that you can also narrow your view to specific days, users, tags and assigned agents. Moreover, your customer care representatives can tag users in order to have all the detailed information, losing no time to solve the user’s problem. There is also the saved answers feature where you will be able to set a list of your most common replies, allowing you to save your precious time. And of course, the tickets management area where you can have all the information organized, structured and associated with a specific user.

4. Data helps you make sense of the conversations

With Reports, you can track the performance of your chat solution with the most up to date data. Our analytics dashboard allows you to see the latest data about your clients’ engagement with your widget and team. Adding to that, you will also have access to the daily activity of your chat solution, like the number of unique users, sources of traffic, users’ language, how many times a human agent engaged with a customer or the volume of frequently asked questions. These performance indicators and many others allow you to gather key insights that will help you improve your customer care service.

5. Have a super smart AI-powered bot in the widget!

We know that one of your main goals is to make your staff’s life easier and your customer care service more effective. Did you know that customer service representatives spend close to 90% of their time repeating the answers to the same questions and helping guests with the same issues over and over again? That time has passed! Chatbots will free up your employees from routine support requests so that they can easily focus on more complex tasks. Also, as you know, customers’ needs often arise outside business hours. With our widget, you will have 24/7 support because chatbots do not need to sleep! And the best part is that you will have a smart bot from day 1. HiJiffy’s single agent has knowledge and expertise in the hospitality industry, it already knows how to identify up to 70 different industry related topics. This means that it can understand thousands of questions! The more we train, the more independent and smart it will become!

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NB: This is a viewpoint by Mariana Marques from HiJiffy. HiJiffy brings chat to the hospitality and travel industry, enabling customers to effectively connect with you through instant messaging apps.