You probably planning to go for your first ever hike but you have no idea. Here is all stuff you need for a good first day…otherwise, the basics are listed last.

What to wear for a day hike

  1. Waterproof hiking shoes: Your boots should have a hard sole and good grip however light shoes can work on mild terrains
  2. Hiking pants: Avoid jeans at all costs.
  3. Hat or Cap
  4. Long-sleeved T-shirt
  5. Jacket
  6. 2 Socks: The material should be polyester or woolen. You can wear two pairs of socks to avoid blisters. One thin and the other thick.
  7. Backpack

What to pack

  1. 2–3 liters of water
  2. Raincoat
  3. Gloves
  4. Trekking pole
  5. Change…

  1. Ruaka- Tigoni- Cianda- Riabai 50km Challange
  2. Nachu caves Backcountry adventure trek
  3. Gatune Hills
  4. Thiririka Backcountry trek
  5. Githunguri Gatamaiyu waterfall chase
  6. Gikuni Backcountry Trek
  7. Riabai Backcountry trek
  8. Karinde Thogoto Trek
  9. Kefri Trek
  10. Masai Backcountry Trek

Explore with Hikers afrique

Looking for a new hobby? Found a way to experience nature and get detached from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi city? Here are some of the best-hiking destinations that are a must-try.

  1. Castle Forest Adventure Day Hike
  2. Ngong Hills Adventure Hike
  3. Kimakia Forest Bathing and Waterfall Chase
  4. Namucha & Ndeiya Hills
  5. Explore Mt Kenya Sirmon Route 4 Days
  6. Ugali hill and Sleeping warrior Hike
  7. Kiambicho Forest Hike
  8. Kathandeini Forest hike
  9. Kahunira Backcountry trek -Githunguri
  10. Longonot Double Crater Challange

Explore with Hikers Afrique

I have always been afraid of boat rides but sea sickness was way out of the picture. I didn’t see it coming until that fateful day.

The sun rose and our guide was on our necks trying to ensure we don’t miss out on the bus and definitely the day’s activities.

The kind of patience and team management this guide has is top-notch and one to be emulated. If you wanna meet him, tag along to the Hikers Afrique events.

This is Jos’s experience of the Maasai backcountry trek — Ngong, Kibiko, Diriko, Nachu Kimuka, Ngong circuit — 35 km challenge on 26th June 2021.

Saturday, it was. Convergence point Ngong town.

The town got its name from the local Maa speakers ‘enkong’u’ meaning a ‘spring’. It is believed the area around Ngong hills was Rhino’s haven before ‘man’ became wicked & decimated the species. I always say a man has no role, whatsoever, in nature other than destruction. Nature in its entirety will always come back on its own, man can’t.

Josh on the first summit or Rurimeria hill

I always look forward to a challenging hike like Rurimeria. The last time I hiked this famous hill was in 2018. We started as 22 of us, but only 9 of us made it with several casualties😂 of altitude sickness, one of them being acute.

We tried redoing it in 2020, but Coronavirus made it impossible. This year it was a must-do

On the hike day, the weather was perfect. I kept praying it would remain the same to the top ( Aberdares has a micro-climate different from the lower side ).

The hike starts at an altitude of 2800…

Early in the morning on the 27th of June 2021, we took a Bolt ride from our home at Kileleshiwa, Nairobi to Ngong Town. After waiting for a while at the Ngong town bust terminal for other hikers, we started our trekking west of Ngong Town, leaving the beautiful landscapes of the seven hills of Ngong Hills south to our left. We were seven including the guide. He was a photographer as well.

Faith Says…

Choosing to attend any trek or hike requires a personal decision. Going to Rurimeria should be a challenge we all need to take to assess our endurance.

It's a tough hike and equally interesting. As I approached the summit, I got to learn of a new condition(altitude sickness?) light headed, headache, hallucination, vomiting.😭

I remembered a friend had told me how hard it can get to a point of questioning your mental status. Going up was tremendously changing my attitude that I almost changed my mind and descend. …

Welcome to East Africa’s longest zip line experience ,“Flying fox at Kereita”, by me🤗. Kereita zipline is located in the heart of Kereita forest, Kimende town (Kiambu county). Approximately 1hr drive from Nairobi City.

Kereita was really fun....really fun. Before I did it, I was quite fearful, considering we had signed a contract like form to say that we’re aware of the risks and we agree to do it. You can imagine what was going through my head at that moment 😃, contemplating whether to do it or not. …

Cliff Njuguna and other hikers looking waiting for wild strawberries along the Gatamaiyu trail

Cliff Njuguna Says…

The hike was awesome! The trails are just out of this world. The vegetation is uniquely awesome. Some of the trees that I saw on that day, either I have never seen them, or haven’t seen them again since my childhood days.

The most amazing thing is that during the entire hike, we never met with any other group. It's like having your small haven for 5 hours, just to yourself. I don’t think I have had so much time to myself in my life. The sweating was soo refreshing. It felt like an exercise.

How did…

Hikers Afrique

Adventure is out there

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