Hiking Review: Camelback, Arizona

The legendary Camelback Mountain (Echo Canyon Trail) in Phoenix, Arizona is a double black diamond hiking trail; steep and difficult and comparable to Bear Mountain Trail in Sedona.


Very limited parking in this lot! If you get there later than 8:00 am there might not be parking and there is none on the streets nearby! I spoke with two guys who parked over a mile away then took a Lyft to get back to the trail.




After scrolling through every existing Medium publication about hiking, I was searching for one to add my hike reviews. None really fit what I was looking for, so I’ve created my own. I hope that you will add your hiking experience — it doesn’t have to be fancy just informative!

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Amy Blackburn, MSG, MPH

Amy Blackburn, MSG, MPH

USC Master of Public Health, gerontologist, kinesiologist, writer focusing on the dimensions of wellness, targeting self-care for family caregivers.

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