Sedona Hiking Review: Bear Mountain

Trail length is 5 miles roundtrip if you go to the end. Very steep and difficult, but worth the effort and views!

Warning sign: Be prepared to meet the Wilderness Challenge! Do NOT be a lost or injured visitor: Do NOT put yourself and others at risk! Bear Mountain Trial length: 5 miles roundtrip, Elevation gain: 2,000 ft. Rugged, exposed, mostly unmarked trail; Plan a minimum of 5 hours rountrip; Inform someone of your agenda; Be properly equipped: at least 1 gallon of water per person; shoes with ankle support; map and compass; flashlight; weather appropriate clothing. Orange trail to red rock in distance.
Photo: Start of Bear Mountain Trail is flat then very steep once you reach the rock.


Park across the street and pay $5, unless you were at a previous location the same day — you can use the same parking pass. Be careful crossing the highway, open the locked…



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Amy Blackburn, MSG, MPH

Amy Blackburn, MSG, MPH

USC Master of Public Health, gerontologist, kinesiologist, writer focusing on the dimensions of wellness, targeting self-care for family caregivers.