Before and After// Website

Before the transformation:

After the transformation:

I began by adding a touch of color to my website. I included a soft pink color to compliment the image I have at the top of the main page. I also changed the arrangement of my blog posts to display them in a more organized manner. A few pieces of information are more easily seen by being placed at the top of the website. This includes a brief welcome statement, a quick link to my email, and a list of other individuals who follow my site. Through my website, I want to reach a wide audience and demonstrate my skills and abilities. My goal is to have my work noticed by individuals who will be willing to network. I am targeting an audience of working professionals who are searching for ways to progress in their field of choice. I believe connecting with other motivated workers will enable me to achieve my goals. I hope after finding and reading through my website, any viewer will be able to see how determined I am to succeed in life. I want other members of society to understand my honest intentions as a hard-working individual and my need to thrive in the professional world. I believe I will achieve this by continuing to add content to my website. I can develop my eportfolio as I gain more experience in my chosen field, hospitality.

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