Chris Jordan

About the Artist

Chris Jordan is a photographic artist living in the city of Seattle. Many of Jordan’s pieces are photographs of a massive amount of garbage and mass consumption. He acquired this technique when he visited an industrial yard to look at color and sequence patterns. Jordan uses simple items, such as a plastic cup, and seeks to highlight how unaware many American consumers act on a daily basis. This artist has used both documentary and digitally made photographs to capture mountains of cell phones, cars, and other consumer waste products.

Formal Analysis

Chris Jordan’s large-scale photographs highlight concepts of consumerism and waste. This includes large amounts of garbage in junkyards, and remains of coastal birds whose stomachs are carrying plastic trash. He creates ongoing arts and media projects that have contributed to a great deal of his own success. Jordan has utilized both bold colors and black and white coloring to construct remarkable and memorable pieces of artwork. Chris Jordan has found a way to recreate and produce classical art pieces with pieces of plastic he has found in the ocean.

Content Analysis

Chris Jordan’s work typically produces a strong message that embodies the idea of the poor actions made while unconscious by members of society. The viewer is left to ponder the inevitable consequences that arise from these habits. This artist seeks to raise questions about the waste in society, and is successful in creating art to depict this message. Chris Jordan’s images often also illustrate the natural beauty of the subjects of his creations. This includes the discarded cell phones lying in large landfills.

Synthesis / My Experience

I appreciate Chris Jordan’s work, because he is dedicated to resolving a major issue that is harming the environment in which we exist. Jordan has recognized the abuse the earth is forced to withstand and is using his work to highlight the destruction that is occuring. He has demonstrated a high level of skill and knowledge for the art community, and has been successful in creating pieces that portray a powerful message. I feel confident that I will continue to follow his path and watch as he brings light to the troubles with consumerism and waste.

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