Mahsa Soroudi

About the Artist

Mahsa Soroudi, born in the year 1981, is an artist from Iran. She earned her BFA in Visual Communication from Azad Art and Architecture University, in the year 2006. She is an artist and independent art curator, focused on producing works that highlight a diverse amount thought provoking and meaningful exhibitions. Soroudi is also passionate about making strides in bringing the community together and allowing them to notice contemporary artists that have been overlooked because they have not been fairly exposed to the public.

Formal Analysis

Mahsa Soroudi focuses on product, portrait, and landscape photography. She primarily works with plants and flowers, because she claims that plants are always fighting for their life and trying to grow and thrive in new places. After this artist moved to the United States, she became homesick for a life and surroundings that was familiar. Soroudi then began to use plants as inspiration to be strong and patient when beginning a new life in a foreign area. Mahsa Soroudi primarily utilizes black and white coloring. Any images with color appear to have a lighting that looks similar to one used in a filter.

Content Analysis

Mahsa Soroudi primarily explores ideas of “displacement” and “resettlement”. This is evident in her exhibition, Nature’s Cadence, which focuses on replanting plants and showing how they adapt to a new environment. This piece was created to help Soroudi cope with the feeling of emptiness in her life that left her depressed after leaving her native country. This artist also focuses on women’s frustrations, vulnerability, and sense of alienation they experience when having frustrations in their lives.

Synthesis / My Experience

I admire the courage of this artist to explore ideas that enable her to improve the negative feelings she experiences in her own life. I believe I would similarly produce intimate works that help pull me through a difficult time in my life. Mahsa Soroudi has grown to have a positive outlook on life and this is evident when viewing her artwork. I enjoy viewing her pieces with plants, as I also feel at peace when water my flowers and watching them grow in a new environment. I feel confident that this artist will continue to produce art that peaks my interest and helps pull her through difficult times.

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