Marina Abramovic

About the Artist

Marina Abramović was born in the year 1946 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Abramović attended school to study painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. At age six, this artist took piano, French, and English lessons. Although she did not take any art lessons, she took an early interest in the subject. Her performances appear completely insane, as she commits to cutting, whipping, and burning herself. Her pieces of work explore the relationship between the performer and the audience members, and the limitations of the body. It is remarkable that she was able to accomplish everything before 10 PM! Marina Abramović was successful in pushing the boundaries and exploring taboo artistic ideas.

Formal Analysis

Marina Abramović created performative art, focusing on pieces that directly involve the body and its limitations. She produces constant movement in her scenes and this brilliant artist sought to change the most common forms of art, painting and sculpting. She moved the focus to her body, displacing art from traditional media. Abramović performed a recognized piece, The Artist Is Present, in which she shared moments of silence with any individual who sat across from her at a table. This is my favorite piece, because it is a truly powerful, large-scale work of art that gathered a large audience. The artist uses both bold and soft colors, and even produced black and white photogaphy. Marina Abramović created performance art that caught the wandering eye of the viewer.

Content Analysis

Marina Abramović has a rebellious spirit and is always searching for a new way to challenge herself and her body. This artist sought to explore concepts, such as ego and artistic identity. The work of Abramović challanged the physical limitations of the body, and allowed one to consider psychic energy, transcendental meditation, and nonverbal communication. Abramović has stated that she views the human body as a way to express one’s thoughts and ideas. Abramović has created art with an influence from her experiences living under a communist dictatorship. She has a commitment to highlighting performance works and the powerful impact they can have on a viewer.

Synthesis / My Experience

Marina Abramović has been successful in creating live scenes that illustrate the powerful messages she tries to portray. I was excited to research her this week, as she has created a great deal of popular pieces. I have always been amazed by her ability to defy the limitations of the human body. She has such a daring personality and I can not imagine the amount of dedication required to consistently cause pain to one’s own body. The viewers feel apprehensive when watching this artist, because I believe there is a fear of the unknown. The performance art she creates is dynamic and is almost frightening to view. Although this form of art is difficult to execute, Marina Abramovic appears successful in constructing memorable pieces of art. Her dedication to her craft is remarkable and extremely evident to the viewer.

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