3rd grade student by day, campaign volunteer by night

Hillary for Ohio
Sep 27, 2016 · 3 min read

This election season, volunteers across the nation are registering voters and working to help Hillary Clinton become president. Some of those volunteers, though, are extra special — volunteering despite being too young to vote themselves. Such is the case of seven-year-old Hunter L., from Seven Hills, Ohio.

“I went with my mom to the place where people vote during the primaries, and I cried when I found out I couldn’t vote for Hillary,” Hunter said. “She is awesome, nice, smart, and brave. She’s worked for kids her whole career, trying to do good.”

Hunter decided she wasn’t going to let her disappointment get in the way of having her voice heard this year — she just had to find a different way. That’s when she discovered something she’s very good at — registering voters. She’s registered a whopping 75 voters so far this election season.

“Hunter spends all of her free time outside of school volunteering for Hillary’s campaign,” Hunter’s mom, Tamara O., said. “She told us she can play soccer next year — this year she wants to help Hillary win. We’ve been so impressed with the fortitude she’s shown, even when challenged.”

Hunter and her mom are both first-generation American-born citizens. Hunter’s grandfather was born in Russia and raised in Argentina, after his family escaped during World War II, and her father is from Spain, where he currently lives. Their family is a proud patchwork of many different religions and ethnicities, and say their diversity is what makes them so strong. Hunter speaks fluent English and Spanish, and loves having conversations with supporters.

“I want people to vote because then they get to have a say in what happens,” Hunter said. “I wish I could — I’m going to register as soon as I’m old enough!”

And what about the occasional comment from the opposition?

“We just have to make sure that this year our voice is louder!” she says proudly.

Hunter knows how important it is to register voters before the October 11 deadline this year. Join her—add your name now and an Ohio Together organizer will be in touch soon!

Hillary for America

Stories from the campaign trail, moments in history, ideas to help Americans get ahead and stay ahead.

Hillary for Ohio

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Hillary for America

Stories from the campaign trail, moments in history, ideas to help Americans get ahead and stay ahead.

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