It’s been an amazing journey. Here’s what I’ll always remember.

Hillary Clinton
Nov 7, 2016 · 4 min read

We are truly stronger together.

At the beginning of this campaign, we gathered on Roosevelt Island, pledging to protect the progress we’ve made and explaining our vision for a stronger, fairer future.

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow, a year and a half later, America will finally begin its next chapter with a new president-elect.

I want to thank all the people across the country who’ve taken the time to talk to me during this journey. I’ve learned so much from your stories — about the challenges families are facing and the promises we have yet to fulfill.

I’ve met too many families who are living paycheck to paycheck, one illness or setback away from losing everything they’ve worked for. I’ve visited communities ravaged by drug addiction and heard from the doctors and social workers doing everything they can to save lives. I’ve talked to bright young DREAMers who worry their families will be torn apart. And I’ve gotten to know a remarkable group of mothers who’ve lost children to gun violence and have turned their grief into action.

These conversations have stayed with me throughout this campaign. And if I’m fortunate enough to serve as president, I’ll carry them with me to the White House.

I got into this race to fight for everyone who is working hard to give themselves and their families a bright future. I want to tear down all the barriers that stand in their way.

That means investing in good jobs that pay enough to support a family. It means raising the minimum wage so that no one working full time is forced to raise kids in poverty. It means guaranteeing paid leave so that families can care for a new baby or a sick relative. And it means investing in our young people with high-quality public schools and debt-free college.

But this election isn’t just about what we need to do — it’s also about who we are.

I know it’s been a long and difficult race. I’ve heard from so many people who are shaken by my opponent’s hateful, divisive rhetoric. One woman wrote to me about her son, Felix, who was adopted from Ethiopia as a baby. Felix is genuinely afraid that if my opponent wins, he’ll be taken from his parents and forced out of the only country he’s ever known. And his story is just one of many.

A lot of what we’ve seen and heard has been distressing, but we’ve also shared proud moments that remind us that we’re a country of fair-minded, big-hearted people. Millions of Americans — Republicans and Democrats alike — have stood up to say we’re better than this. And everywhere I go, I meet people who remind me of the diversity and determination that make this country great.

People like Astrid Silva, who I met in Las Vegas. Astrid came to this country from Mexico at 4 years old with nothing but a doll, a cross, and the dress she was wearing. Now she’s in her 20s, and she’s an advocate for immigrant families across the country.

People like Keith, a man I met in New Hampshire last year. Keith’s mother suffers from Alzheimer’s and needs constant care. He can’t afford adult day care, so he does the only thing he can–he brings his mom to work with him every single day.

People like Nakiya from Flint, Michigan, who is worried about her 6-year-old son, Jaylon. Like so many kids in Flint, Jaylon got sick from drinking tap water contaminated with lead, and now he’s having trouble in school.

These are the people who have kept me going when the road was tough. They’re the reason why I sweat the details of policy–because it’s not just a detail when it’s your child or your family. And I’ll be honored to fight for them as president.

Tomorrow caps an amazing journey. I’ll always be grateful for the organizers and volunteers who have taken our campaign to every state and territory, the supporters who have talked to their friends and neighbors, and the millions of Americans who have already begun casting ballots in this historic election.

Of course, the work we have to do is just beginning. It’s bigger than one president or even one generation. But what I’ve seen these past 17 months makes it clear to me that we’re up to the challenge, because we truly are stronger together.

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Hillary for America

Stories from the campaign trail, moments in history, ideas to help Americans get ahead and stay ahead.

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