100 Virginians share why they’re voting for Democrats

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Sunday, July 31 marks exactly 100 days until Virginians will head to the polls and cast their votes for our next president. So we asked 100 Virginians why they’ll be voting for Democrats on November 8.

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“In the future, when people ask what I was doing during this election in 2016, I want to be able to say that I was helping Hillary.” — Kimberly


“From her work on behalf of families in Flint whose water had been poisoned to her detailed plans to support workers and create jobs in our neighborhoods that need them most, Hillary has proven that she’s the best candidate to break down barriers holding Americans back.” — Newport News Mayor McKinley Price



“I support the Democratic party because they support what I guess is considered the underdog, like people of color, people of low income, which are things that I really relate to.” — Razan



“I’m a PhD student and mental health counselor. My partner is a veteran. My parents are teachers. My grandfather is a retired autoworker. As a woman, partner, daughter, and granddaughter, I think Hillary has the best and most thoughtful policies to lead our country.” — Madeline


“She embodies the values that we all hold dear, and she will fight for the causes of our time to ensure our beloved country remains strong, safe, and economically vibrant,” — Alexandria Mayor Allison Silberberg



“I am voting for Hillary because it is so important what she has done for the children and health care. This is one of our most vulnerable groups, and she has taken a stand to help all our children today.” — Dr. Amelia Ross-Hammond, Virginia Beach Councilwoman


“As a Christian, I am proud to be a Democrat because I love showing love and compassion to those in need and giving a voice to those whose voices aren’t always heard.” — Austin, Bristol


“I’m actually not old enough to vote, so I decided to volunteer for her campaign. I like Hillary Clinton because her ideas are very powerful. She gives people motivation and inspiration to make this country even better.” — Jonathan


“I’m a Democrat because I see issues such as sexual violence, police brutality, LGBT+ discrimination, and education inequality as everyone’s problem. I think we all should be concerned with ensuring the human rights of others are upheld, regardless of whether we are directly affected by these issues.” — Rennie



“I’m a Democrat because immigration is important to me because I’m half-Mexican. I support Hillary because she does a great job of supporting the working class.” — Rebecca


“I’m proud to be a Democrat because after 20 years of service in the United States army, combat veteran, I believe that the Democratic party has the best solutions for the United states, for the rest of the world. They are bringing the world and and the country together to help people of all class, all races, all ethnicities, all creeds, all religions and just everybody. Go Blue.” — Raymond, Hanksville



“She is a strong leader and has a proven record of success in her previous positions as Secretary of State, Senator and even the First Lady of the United States of America.” — Hopewell Mayor Brenda Pelham


“I’m a Democrat because I believe in the equal rights of all people. Democrats also care about today’s youth and since I’m a student, this is very important to me.” — Sydney



“When my brother was eight, he threatened to commit suicide and was hospitalized, and when I was fifteen, I developed an anxiety disorder that causes disordered eating, and because of our therapy and medication bills, my mom can’t afford to go to therapy for her depression. I’m a Democrat because affordable health care for invisible illnesses could save my and my family members’ lives, as well as the lives of millions of other Americans.” — Georgia Mae


“I’m voting for her because I know she’ll be strong on national security. I’m part of a group of retired generals and admirals that’s showing our support for her.” — John


“I’m proud to be a Democrat because Democrats help people, we care, and we’re going to make the world a better place.” — Kia, Fairfax



“We need a partner in the White House who will work to lift families and neighborhoods out of poverty. She is a problem solver with decades of experience fighting for us, and her leadership as president will help cities across the country thrive.” — Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones


“I support the Democratic party because they try to ensure that everyone has a voice, especially those who historically haven’t had one.” — Chris


“I like Hillary Clinton because she made a program that taught me how to read and write early on.” — Angelica


“Why do I support Hillary Clinton? There are a million reasons. But the greatest one is the respect that I have for her. She keeps putting herself out there despite how everyone is willing to believe the worst in her.” — Susan


“I did not start as a Democrat — I was actually a Republican. As I became more aware of the world outside of the sphere in which I was born, I realized that I wanted to identify with a group of Americans who fought for and held dear the values of economic, social, and religious freedom.” — Laura


“I’m a currently a college student who will soon have an enormous amount of student debt to pay back. My mom is a single mom and is taking on most of the debt, so it will take us a very long time to both pay it back together. In addition my sister is also in college taking on debt as well. I know Hillary has the experience to tackle on this critical issue.” — Zach



“I am so proud to be a Democrat because I love representing the party that cares about people and prioritizes women and minorities. And as a higher education professional, I love supporting the party that really prioritizes education and making sure that everyone can succeed.” — Brittany, NoVA


“My children will be able to learn from [Hillary] why inclusive prosperity — prosperity for all — is highly necessary and strengthens us as a people and as a nation.” — Frederico


“The greatest reason why I support the Democratic party is because of social issues. In this election, they are magnified by Trump. We cannot allow that guy to be president. I came from the Soviet Union, and I can see all of the bad in him.” — Dmitri


“I’m proud to be a Democrat because America is sold as the land of opportunity, but it’s still filled with injustices. As a straight white male I recognize my privileges in our society, and as a human being I believe we must help the underprivileged by creating a level playing field. The Democratic party defends the underprivileged instead of insulting them, and is helping make America the land of opportunity for truly everyone.” — William



“I’m a Democrat because I think it’s important to consider all races/classes/sexualites when making policy.” — Jacqueline


“I’m voting for Hillary because I’ve liked her since she was first lady and said that she wasn’t just going to bake cookies. She’s tenacious and she’s patriotic.” — Jenny


“I’m for Hillary. I’ve liked her since I started liking Bill. They are progressives but are also moderate. We don’t need extremists in this country.” — Lonnie Rich, former city councilman in Alexandria


“I’m proud to be a Democrat because we have the freedom to speak for ourselves and even when we disagree, I always like what Bill Clinton said: Let’s start from what we do agree upon and work from there and build from that. It’s okay to disagree but let’s disagree and be respectful of others opinions.” — Kelvin, Virginia Beach


“I’m a Democrat because I wholeheartedly believe that everyone, no matter your gender, color of your skin, or who you love, should have equal rights and opportunities.” — Amy



“I’m a Democrat because I believe in real change and challenging the status quo. One hundred years ago, Virginia was segregated north to south, both in law and society. Eight years ago, Virginia helped elect the first black president of the United States. The Democratic Party in Virginia has helped our great state escape the hateful traditions of the confederacy and become one of the most diverse and affluent states in the union. While we still have a ways to go, I’m proud to be a Virginia Democrat.” — Jack



“In this election, there’s no question that Hillary Clinton is that candidate. In a year when we face complex challenges abroad and need to help underserved communities at home, it’s especially important that we elect a leader like Hillary who will deliver on her promises.” — Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim



“This is a very important time. We need to get together. Hillary will be the one.” — Maria


“I’m voting for Hillary because I trust her with my future. I will live with the consequences of this election for a long time, and I want a president who listens to young people and is working towards a better tomorrow.” — Hannah


“To me, Hillary Clinton is representing not just one segment. She represents everyone, despite race, color, or religion.” — Yasir


“I’m voting for Hillary because I believe in her and admire her. She’ll take care of us.” — Levenie and Claire


I’m a democrat because I believe that all people deserve equality and respect. I want to live in a commonwealth where everybody has a chance to succeed and prosper. The only way to make that happen is to vote democratic.” — Alex



“I’m a Democrat because not only do they stick up for those without a voice, but they ensure that everyone is guaranteed equal opportunity, no matter what their religion, sexuality, race or gender might be.” — Kyle


“I trust her implicitly. I trust her with women’s rights, education and diplomacy.” — Ann



“I’m a Democrat because I won’t compromise my social beliefs, including the right to choose.” — Lara


“I like Hillary Clinton because I’m not from America and would like to be supported. I would like my son to be introduced to a beautiful education.” — Majid and Nasser



“I’m a lifelong Democrat. I first voted for a Clinton when I voted for Bill in the primary in ’92. I love what the Clintons stand for. Hillary will protect the rights of women, the rights of minorities, the rights of the LGBT community. These are the values of America.” — Paul


“I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because she’s making two-year education free. And she’s fighting for women and children.” — Rumana


“[Growing up,] I found that the way I saw the world and the way a lot of Democrats saw things was so much more similar to my own way of seeing. I think all people deserve respect and equality, which are ideals that are absolutely not present in our society as of today. I think in general people who identify as Democrats are interested in moving our country toward equality for women, POC, the LGBTQ+ community, and various other causes that I support.” — Sarah


“Hillary is a very strong woman. She will change the country, the economy, the politics. She will build America.” — Tadesse


“I live and work in VA and I feel it’s time for a woman President. She is a strong leader, and I want to help her keep VA Blue in 2016! I want my nieces to grow up in a country where a woman can reach the office of the Executive.” — Lee



“I immigrated here from Taiwan seven years ago. I started volunteering for the Democratic party because back in Taiwan, people can’t have guns, but here in America we have a gun epidemic.” — Thomas




“I’m a Democrat because global warming is real, the presence of poverty is unacceptable, and Citizens United must be overturned in order to preserve our democracy.” — Will


“I’m a masters student in security studies at Georgetown. I think foreign policy is largely neglected, when it really should be the main role. Hillary would bring something to that.” — Nika


“Democrats are here for the rest of the US population that don’t have a pile of money.” — Mikaela


“I’m a Democrat because we don’t merely tolerate or work around diverse individuals like my friends and family members. We welcome them.” — Neal



“I am a Democrat because of environmental issues. I believe climate change is the greatest challenge currently facing our country and ignoring it isn’t going to fix the problem.” — Drew


“I am a Democrat because I believe in true equality and the freedom it affords. I am a Democrat because I am convinced a society in which all citizens are free and equal is a society worth pursuing. I am a Democrat because I believe a better future always lies ahead.” — George


“I’m a Democrat because, for the first time in history, I can serve as an infantryman.” — Molly


“I am a Democrat because I believe that fighting for others’ rights of equality, choice, and education are far more important than helping give more power and money to people that attempt to take rather than give back to others.” — Emily



“I am a proud Democrat for many reasons. The most important reason is that the passion and care that the party shows for all of the citizens of this country, regardless of race, class sexuality, gender, etc. The party stands for economic security, equal opportunity, and equal chances for prosperity in America.” — Stephanie




“I would say I’m a Democrat because I love the progressive, open-minded attitude that is associated with the party. I find myself appreciating and identifying with that aspect more and more these days as we search for positive change in the world.” — Alison


“I’m a Democrat because I believe that America’s path to success and peace is through unity and harmony. I’m proud to stand for the equity and happiness and safety of people of all backgrounds and different identities, which is what the Democratic party stands for more and more each year. Americans can not afford to be further divided through fear and violence — which is why a Democrat must win this election.” — Molly


“The main reason I’m a Democrat is because I believe in equality for all. I’ve found Democrats tend to advocate for that more than Republicans.” — Amanda


“I’m a Democrat because I believe in equal chances. It’s 2016 — no one should be marginalized based on their differences.” — Molly


“I am a Democrat because I believe that every American should have an opportunity to share in the good fortune that America has to offer. I used to vote Republican, but I came to see GOP as servants of the wealthy. I also support common-sense gun laws to stop killing of innocent children, and I think the Democrats offer the best chance we have to achieve that.” — John


“I guess I was initially influenced by my parents, but then around 8th grade I started learning more about how each of the two parties wants to approach solving big issues. I think being from a middle-class family — who are also refugee immigrants — gives me a perspective that higher-income families aren’t always exposed to.” — Quynh-Lan


“Growing up in a diverse, transient, suburban area of Virginia, I was exposed to profound socioeconomic differences within schools, sports teams and neighborhoods; the lack of empathy and urgency made me uneasy. Human life, something so precious and exquisite, should be protected no matter one’s citizenship status, religion, sexual identity, income or race. As an intern in Senator Kaine’s office last year, I know both he and Secretary Clinton will ensure strength and value within our communities and throughout the nation.” — Morgan


“I’m a Democrat because I believe in the power and responsibility of the government to contribute to the quality of life of its citizens.” — Cathy



“I’m a Democrat because I believe in social and economic justice, protecting the environment and creating opportunities for everyone, not just the one percent!” — Dawn


“I am a Democrat because if someone as progressive as Bernie Sanders can run under the Democratic ticket then so can I one day. Under a Democratic government progressive ideals flourish and are even celebrated. The Democratic party represents the open minded, diverse, and forward thinking ideals that will help us be the best country we possibly can be.” — Jeremy


“I believe that the health of a nation starts with the health of its communities, especially those that are the most marginalized. Women and minorities are still having basic rights threatened and I believe that only the Democratic Party is creating new legislature and maintaining existing laws that protect and empower these groups.” — Sydney



“I’m a Democrat because it’s the right thing to do, it’s the way our country should be run in order to provide Americans with the chance to achieve the things they should be able to do.” — Elaine



“My family first came to the United States because they knew that if they worked hard enough and did their part, they could make a better future for themselves and their children. I trust Hillary to make sure that the American dream is open to everyone.” — Noah


“I identify as Libertarian, but in a two party system Democrats give me the closest representation. I agree with most of their social and foreign policies. I do disagree with some of their ideas on welfare and the economy in general, but not enough to dissuade me into voting Republican.” — Mauricio



“Hillary’s got that tough grit. She knows the world, she understands diplomacy.” — Lewis, Reston


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