Latinos con Hillary kicks off with events across Virginia

See the best moments from our launch parties and learn how to get involved!

Hillary for Virginia recently launched Latinos con Hillary, a group that’s supporting and engaging Latinos who are rallying around Hillary, Tim Kaine, and other Democrats, organizing their communities, and registering voters across the Commonwealth. Want to get involved? Add your name here!

Hillary for America’s National Latino Vote Director, Lorella Praeli, attended events to deliver one very simple message.

“We are up against a party that is working very hard for us to live with fear, with less certainty in our lives. That is the reality that we’re in. It is on all of us — every single person in this room that can vote — to walk out of this room and knock on every door that you can, make every call that you can, register every person that you can,” she told the crowd.

Lorella reminded the crowd that the stakes are higher than ever for the Latino community — and that there are so many Latinos without a voice. They are depending on all of us to elect Hillary Clinton in November.

“There are 11 million people — 11 million people — who are depending on us to do the work,” Lorella said.

At events across the Commonwealth, Latinos gathered with members of their community to organize.

Lorella said she wants Virginians to get their family, friends, and neighbors involved. “I want people to feel empowered. I want everyone to go out, tell their stories, and bring people into this process.”

“That’s how Hillary Clinton wins Virginia in November!”

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