Break My Fall

I’m starting a new series on the Hill Hårow blog called “Lost Songs.” I wrote or arranged these songs in the past and I never really felt they had a home among the albums. Some of these songs were well produced but just didn’t fit the genre of music I was writing at the time. Some of these songs were just scratch tracks that I never did anything with beyond the initial recording. While much of my focus has turned toward writing in these last few years (with the exception of the American Pilgrim EP) I thought it would be fun to give you a window into my creative process and perhaps show a more vulnerable side of myself in doing so.

This first track is one that I wrote and recorded over ten years ago. At the time I was still in the band Like Isaiah. Our music was raw 90’s alternative rock. Though the electric guitarist, Mike Sherrard, worked to create this song with me, it never really felt like it had a home. It has always been (as several of the lost songs will be) from the Island of the Misfit Toys. Also, Break My Fall was much darker in tone than the rest of the music I was writing in those days. This was necessary in order to marry the lyrics properly. This is a song about the idea of hidden or unconfessed sin finally being met by the darkness-killing Light. It is a song that shows a level of vulnerability that I was uncomfortable displaying to the world in my twenties. It could be for that reason alone I might have decided not to release it until now. I, like every other believer, am a work in progress.