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AMA Highlights — AnRKey X

By Daniel Dal Bello, Director.
December 10, 2020–8 min read.

On Sunday 6 December, we welcomed J.D. Salbego from AnRKey X into the Hillrise Group Telegram chat for an AMA. J.D. is the current CEO and founder of the project.

AnRKey X is spearheading the “m$ports” industry through their gDEX platform for competitive DeFi-based games. Their first game is ‘Battlewave 2323’ where players side with a specific “army” to achieve the highest APY distribution on a weekly basis. Players can win ANRX coins back as returns, and for winning teams, rare NFTs.

In this post, we have compiled key questions and answers from the event.

Daniel Dal Bello
Hey J.D. and welcome. We’ve been getting quite a good grasp on both the DeFi and NFT arenas of late — especially with our last conversation here with Axie Infinity and The Sandbox — and here you are touching on both in varying degrees.

Can you start with some background on your introduction to blockchain and how you came to be leading the charge at AnRKey X?

Ray Reijnders
Hi J.D., happy to have you here today. Would love to hear some more about BattleWave 2323!

J.D. Salbego
Hi, my name is J.D. Salbego. I’m the CEO, Founder, and Art Director of AnRKey X. I run the company as the CEO, but also as the Chief Art Director leading product, game and NFT design. AnRKey X™ combines DeFi and eSports gaming for users to compete, purchase and stake unique NFTs and win valuable rewards.

I was an artist and musician and creative producer my whole life starting with graffiti and urban art as a kid and teenager including still having a huge scar on my hand from hopping onto a freeway to paint murals with my graffiti crew and cutting it on barbed wire on the fences!

I still have a mural up I did 21 years ago in Los Angeles. I went into the music and entertainment business at the end of high school working with creatives and global A-list celebrities in that industry for 17 years starting out as a recording engineer to then a music producer, songwriter, artist, record label owner, celebrity live show and content producer with companies like NBC, etc and I was on TV a couple of times too.

I’ve been in cryptocurrency and DeFi for 5+ years and have become a global leader in DeFi and crypto, a market influencer, speaker, published author, and internationally-recognized subject matter expert. I’m a featured contributor on Cointelegraph, and regularly speak at leading conferences around the world like the World Economic Forum, Blockshow, and many more. My work has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance etc., including being linked to boosting Japan’s economy with blockchain.

AnRKey X was founded by recognized global leaders in blockchain, crypto assets, and DeFi. Our AnRKey X™ protocol platform is a gDEX (‘Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange’), designed to merge DeFi, eSports, and Web 3.0 NFTs into one on our gaming platform creating a brand new industry called m$ports (‘money sports’).

Our token, ANRX, works just like an arcade coin, the more you purchase, play, stake, sell, and compete, the more ANRX you earn within the AnRKey X™ gaming system.

About us! We have over 30+ years of combined experience working with blockchain-focused companies, cryptocurrency funds & exchanges, the team aims to combine DeFi liquidity reward farming and staking with community driven eSports and Web 3.0 NFTs. Our AnRKey X™ DeFi game studio will be releasing continuous games in their m$ports™ genre, with their first game Battle Wave 2323™.

Ray Reijnders
Impressive! What is the size of the current development team?

J.D. Salbego
25+. 8 backend developers + 5 executive project leads. Frontend is 3 executive project leads, plus 8 designers both game assist and animations and 3 for UI development. I actually didn’t even realize the team was this big until DAO Maker asked us to provided information for their due diligence for the public sale!

Daniel Dal Bello
Curious that with all of your experience why you decided to get so focused on a venture in blockchain?

J.D. Salbego
Well I read the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2009 and was floored by it. I had a successful career already in the music and entertainment business in Hollywood so I just kept doing that and continued reading up on it [Bitcoin] on the side and investing in the early days. Then when it grew more and there were actual events and meetups, I started attending. In Santa Monica is where Brock Pierce and the old DNA Fund crew came from and that’s where I started really getting into it.

By 2015 I was already helping and advising entertainment-focused blockchain projects and then just couldn’t say no to making this my world. I fell down the rabbit hole as they say.

Daniel Dal Bello
In your blogs there are some mentions of web-based games, which tend to have a reputation for having terrible “grinds”, time-locks and pay-to-win mechanics.

How and to what extent will your overall user experience be different?

J.D. Salbego
We integrated with Matic and a full partnership as mentioned to help with scalability and lower gas fees. The reason why we have such a huge development team and have it separated by backend and frontend teams is because the focus is needed on both each to a great extent.

We need a very simple and easy to use UI and game experience, and then to focus on the architecture and security for the backend.

We will be doing our audits now which is standard in every industry except DeFi, haha, only in DeFi do people throw stuff out on the market like that.

Ray Reijnders
We have read that AnRKey is interested in expanding into console gaming in the future — have you had any problems working with hardware developers?

We have seen traditional players (e.g. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) advocate against the use of cryptocurrency functionality in games/apps before.

J.D. Salbego
Yeah we are well aware of that and one of our team is deeply connected to Apple so we have been lightly talking to them. But that’s far on our roadmap for the end of 2021. We have started on our architecture now already. It’s super challenging and exciting with the DeFi aspects and console gaming. Our current games are web-based dApps like Mafia Wars, Candy Crush, and FarmVille.

Ray Reijnders
Toxicity in gaming is something which has received a lot of attention, especially for games with a built-in means of communication. I’ve read that you encourage users to join other teams (public) communication channels and talk smack etc., which to some degree is a part of any game… but what are your views on toxicity in gaming? I can imagine things can get heated when there’s money (or NFTs) involved.

J.D. Salbego
Our games are not toxic. They are competitive and social-media-based engagement so talking smack means bragging about your rewards and winning that are 100% accurate as there are game scores right there in the interface and your virtual teams are right next to you while you play including the other team’s, haha.

Daniel Dal Bello
I’m interested to talk in some detail about your token. We’ve spoken privately about the complex mechanics, pricing, etc. Can you walk us through the token usage and distribution?

J.D. Salbego
First let me say this! We are a real company with very long term vision and actually have a real use case!

Many projects actually don’t and just slap blockchain in it to make a token and that’s it! Our native arcade coin “ANRX” has 12 medium of exchange utility functions, and works just like an arcade coin used at a physical video arcade. The more you utilize its multiple functions to purchase, play, stake, sell, and compete, the more you earn ANRX within the gaming system.

Our utility mechanisms and ‘True Derived NFT Base Value’ enable a vibrant and robust economic ecosystem that stimulates high growth and usage.

For spending ANRX:
• Purchasing upgrades Armaments for Golden Chalices
• Purchasing Sacred Relic NFT Packs
• Purchasing Arms Boosts
• Purchasing After-Market Game Winner Limited NFTs
• Purchasing Prediction Market NFTs
• Purchasing AnRKey X™ Universe Side-Chain Collectibles NFTs

For earning ANRX:
• Rewards Distribution for Yield Farming APY
• NFT Rewards Distributed to the Winners of the Game
• Sacred Relic NFT Pack Rewards
• Shared AnRKey X™ Profit Distribution For gDEX Users
• Profit from selling Golden Chalices NFTs
• Profit from selling Universe Side-Chain Collectible NFTs

Ray Reijnders
Have you heard of YieldWars? They seem to have started off with a similar concept where “fans” of specific projects will battle it out by pooling LP tokens. Since then, they seem to have pivoted into becoming a prediction markets platform.

What are your thoughts on their early model and did you see any similarities? If so, what did they do right or wrong?

J.D. Salbego
Our games are way more than that and include real game functions multiple in-game APY boosts and APY-boosted NFTs, prizes, virtual teams right in our game dashboard to play, all based on derived base value economics and our collectibles line that is all sub-characters and sub-stories built off similar math and our derived base value NFT models too.

Daniel Dal Bello
We saw that your project was the first to utilize DAO Maker’s refundable “SHO”. We’re very curious to hear about this process and what it means for future projects.

It’s fascinating to see innovation in the sale structures emerging and great that you’re getting onboard to pioneer the SHO.

J.D. Salbego
It gives a lot of risk-free investing opportunities to investors and keeps projects accountable.

Literally if we do not meet certain performance metrics investors can request a refund and we lose 80% of the entire public sale.

But for projects it’s also great as their program incentivizes the investors to hold and then the DAO also buys back tokens in the market and gives them back to the investors too.

Daniel Dal Bello
We have noted that many projects who incorporate liquidity mining see a very quick and steep decline in token value. This even with unfavorable “un-staking” conditions.

Does the ANRK token have any specific ways of retaining value over time as the supply inflates?

J.D. Salbego
Yep! We spent months working on it and even up to just 2 weeks ago we made some changes in our epoch emission structure. We have spent a lot of time especially on our recycling method that’s similar to burning, but better, and allows us to continuously produce games and have enough for continuing rewards for users in our games.

In a classic arcade game, your tokens are deposited into the game you want to play and then collected each night by the game staff to enable reuse the next day. On our gDEX, these tokens are deposited directly into our “Arcade Treasury ” Reserves, for utilization exclusively for future games we release and respective game rewards for our players — the more you play, the more opportunity you have to win $ANRX back.

As our game catalog grows in size, we are able to maintain our ability to continually produce more games and reward more users at the same rate because of this recycling mechanism, without limiting our ability to create a thriving AnRKey X™ game market and arcade coin economy, or causing instability in ANRX pricing on exchanges.

Hillrise Group supports ambitious Web3 startups with early-stage venture capital and fundamental research.

AnRKey X is spearheading the “m$ports” industry through their gDEX platform for competitive DeFi-based games.

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