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AMA Highlights: Bluzelle

By Daniel Dal Bello, Director.
January 21, 2022–7 min read.

  1. We can provide storage for game assets.
  2. As a Cosmos chain we can target Terra and Cosmos ecosystems and bring games to them.
  3. As an Cosmos system, we can aggregate DeFi protocols like Mirror and Anchor into our games.
  4. We know how to make great games.
  1. We can produce it quickly and get it to market — we’re talking 4–6 months vs 2+ years of other types of games.
  2. With this type of game we can quickly tweak and fix it to keep players engaged.
  1. Launch a playable version in months so people can interact, give feedback, and keep updating it every month.
  1. Release of game trailer
  2. Upgrade to Cosmos Stargate
  3. Release of Denomination Alpha
  4. Release of Denomination Beta



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