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AMA Highlights — Morpheus Network

By Daniel Dal Bello, Director.
March 4, 2021–8 min read.

  1. During the call, or sometimes for the 2nd call once we’ve narrowed down the “pain point”, we also show a demo of the platform and some custom solutions currently being leveraged by our clients so the potential client gets a complete understanding of the benefits, the features, capabilities and of course, the value of our platform.
  2. We take the collected information and put together a demo of what a solution could look like for your company. At this point, we will have a general idea of costs, timeline and potential open points to discuss that we put into a proposal that would include a pilot.
  3. From there we run the focused pilot which typically lasts 1–3 months. We establish metrics to evaluate the success of the pilot together.
  4. Once we can demonstrate value to a company, we finalize plans for the full implementation as well as the roadmap for expanding the functionalities used in the platform tying all the amazing rich data together. Then even beyond that, bring in the data of the pertinent 3rd parties stakeholders connected to the business.



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