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AMA Highlights — Plasm Network & Acala Network

By Daniel Dal Bello, Director.
October 30, 2020–11 min read.

  • Acala has a soveriegn wealth fund (‘dSWF’) that manages the profit and reinvests for ‘perpetuation’ of the network. This dSWF is collectively owned by ACA holders.
  • ACA holders also collectively decide when and how the network should be upgraded or improved.
  1. You can tap into Acala’s DeFi primitives, listed on a DEX, and tap into the liquidity and user base, also cross-chain capability, e.g. easily cross to Plasm for layer-2 use cases.
  2. You can enable on-chain governance, your ERC20 can be used as a governance token to vote for smart contract upgrades (no complex migration code needs to be written or any backdoors need to be set), you can upgrade without a fork.



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