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AMA Highlight: RAMP DEFI

By Daniel Dal Bello, Director.
March 16, 2021–9 min read.

  • Launched BSC integration, and liquidity pools on PancakeSwap following rise in ETH fees.
  • Launched node operations, with over $150m staked into our nodes across GRT, XTZ, TOMO and IOST.
  • Launched burn mechanism where the fees generated would go to buying back and burning RAMP tokens.
  • rUSD minter currently under audit by several auditors (Arcadia, Beosin, Hacken). Will launch on both Ethereum and BSC, once ready.
  1. A small % of yield farming/staking rewards are shared with the protocol for assets minted into rUSD, which means that the more rUSD minted, the more protocol fees generated. The protocol fees will be used to buyback RAMP tokens for either burn or redistribution back to RAMP stakers.



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