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Hillrise Ventures Announces Investment in APYSwap

By Daniel Dal Bello, Director.
February 27, 2021–2 min read.

Hillrise Ventures today announces an investment into APYSwap — a protocol for the decentralised exchange of shares of ‘Tokenized Vaults’. Hillrise Ventures is the private investment arm of Hillrise Group.

APYSwap introduce a new framework for the trustless trading of tokenized yields, furthering the DeFi ecosystem through their layered product suite.

APYSwap Vaults (‘Vaults’) are portfolios that can be created, tokenized, and traded — all while the assets making up the portfolio remained staked, locked, or borrowed.

Interaction through a simple web-app gives access to the APYSwap Marketplace where Vault shares can be traded. The vision for the marketplace involves in part allowing for AMM-style trading via a layer-2 approach — to enable cheaper or zero-fee transacting.

Lastly, APY Mask is a MetaMask-esque browser wallet that enables the creation and management of Vaults, signing of APYSwap Marketplace transactions, and Vault share ownership transfers.

The team plan to support a blockchain-agnostic approach by implementing cross-chain support for Ethereum, Polkadot, Huobi ECO Chain, and Binance Smart Chain.

APYSwap recently completed a US $1.8m private investment round supported by Hillrise Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, NGC Ventures, Astronaut Capital, Asymm Ventures, Kyros Ventures, Black Mamba Ventures, AngelONE, Phoenix VC, and Gestalt Capital.

“Leading into 2021 we have been focused on supporting the growth of the DeFi niche in the blockchain industry. APYSwap are building products to reduce barriers to entry and make the DeFi ecosystem more accessible. We’re excited to be supporting APYSwap as their approach to interoperability aligns with our view that the future is cross-chain.”

Daniel Dal Bello, Director of Hillrise Group

“We are honoured to be backed by Hillrise Ventures who demonstrated their long-term commitment to our vision. This strategic partnership with Hillrise Ventures is a win-win for both sides. We share the same vision with them that decentralization and interoperability are the future of DeFi. As we move forward from here, we aim to strengthen our mutual relations to ensure the best services for our users.”

Andriy Velykyy, CEO of APYSwap

Hillrise Group supports ambitious Web3 startups with early-stage venture capital and fundamental research.

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Private investment arm of Hillrise Group. We fund ambitious Web3 startups with early-stage venture capital.

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