Hillrise Ventures Announces Investment in Blind Boxes

By Daniel Dal Bello, Director.
April 23, 2021–2 min read.

Hillrise Group
Apr 23 · 2 min read

Hillrise Ventures today announces an investment into Blind Boxes — a gamified curation platform and launchpad for NFTs. Hillrise Ventures is the private investment arm of Hillrise Group.

Blind Boxes is supporting the now blossoming NFT market through its curation platform that aims to enhance NFT discovery, liquidity, and importantly creator exposure.

As the name may suggest, the Blind Boxes Marketplace system follows a gamified, lottery-style system enabling collectors to unbox and discover rare digital assets. The team plan to transition to a fully decentralized governance model incentivised by BLES token emissions.

A lottery-style system was used in the well-known Hashmask collection and beyond the novelty of the artwork itself the lottery-style system is arguably what made it a popular collection.

The Blind Boxes Marketplace allows anyone to be a curator of mystery box collections. The curator can invite NFT creators to add to their collection where a collector will be able to draw boxes randomly from said collection. The price per box is a flat rate. Curators, creators and the Blind Boxes platform receive a payout of sales.

By positioning as a premier curation platform Blind Boxes aims to boost the overall liquidity of NFTs, lowering the barriers to entry for new collectors. The front-end will also display balanced market prices and complete records of related transactions.

The project will launch on Binance Smart Chain with an anticipated migration to Polkadot in the latter half of 2021.

Blind Boxes recently completed a US $2.15m fundraise supported by seed and private round investors Hillrise Ventures, SMC Capital, Blockwater Capital, Moonwhale Ventures, Lian Group, and other strategic partners from across the DeFi ecosystem.

“Our support of Blind Boxes builds on our position that NFTs are not just another fad. As the NFT ecosystem continues to mature the need for a premier curation platform grows. YouTube and Spotify have solidified their places as platforms to discover new video creators and artists. We believe Blind Boxes can become one of the go-to platforms for NFT creation and discovery.”

Daniel Dal Bello, Director of Hillrise Group

It was vital for the project to align itself with investors with the capacity to contribute tangible strategic value. Hillrise brings to the table invaluable access to highly engaged communities, plus unparalleled thought leadership in the blockchain space. We look forward to a dynamic long-term relationship with the group.”

Anita Angelica Moore, Co-founder & CEO of Blind Boxes

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