Hillrise Ventures Announces Investment in Paralink Network

By Daniel Dal Bello, Director.
January 29, 2021–2 min read.

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Hillrise Ventures today announces an investment in multi-chain oracle platform Paralink Network (‘Paralink’). Hillrise Ventures is the private investment arm of Hillrise Group.

We are excited to share our recent investment into a new name in the growing world of oracles. As continued supporters of the burgeoning Polkadot ecosystem, we are delighted to be joining Paralink at this early stage of their journey.

Paralink is building a multi-chain data ingress engine, supporting a fundamental building block for successful blockchain networks. The Paralink team introduces ‘Paralink Query Language’ as part of their scalable solution to the oracle problem and with it address the inherent limitations of current solutions.

Paralink has chosen Polkadot as an infrastructure layer due to the fundamental design principles of the ecosystem, including cross-chain interoperability and scalability. This componentry is critical for making Paralink secure, scalable, and economically viable.

Other investors include Kenetic Capital, Genesis Block, LD Capital, TRG Capital, AU21 Capital and more.

“Paralink Network presents a novel and robust platform for multi-chain data ingress to address the limitations of current oracle products. A scalable and economical oracle solution is a fundamental piece of the blockchain technology stack and we look forward to seeing Paralink fit this description.”

Daniel Dal Bello, Director of Hillrise Group

“We are happy to have Hillrise Ventures as one of our investors, as their research based approach to investing is providing value to the whole ecosystem and reducing information asymmetry between projects and investors.”

Jan Knežević, CEO of Paralink Network

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