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An Ask Me Anything Session with Crypto 0.Seven

28 Sept, Hillstone Finance CEO Rayol Hwang had an Ask Me Anything Session (AMA) in Telegram group Crypto 0.Seven.

Crypto 0.Seven is a crypto community in Telegram in which most users are Arabs. Rayol shared thoughts and company information in this one of the biggest Arabic Telegram Group.

Here is the recap of the AMA session.

Q1) Hello, glad to meet you Rayol. Can you please introduce yourself to the community?

It is a great honor to be in Crypto 0.Seven. My name is Rayol. I am CEO and Founder of Hillstone Finance, a Korean project launched by the first M&A company in Korea — Hillstone Partners. I dropped out of college to dedicate myself as an entrepreneur. I have always been looking for making a new thing because my primary motive is to improve the quality of life by creating a new service, a new product. That is why I have initiated 18 startups including IT, fashion, game, cosmetics, finance, and investment. These experiences taught me valuable lessons, especially the Secret to Failure :)

Q2) Please tell us in detail about HILLSTONE FINANCE?

Hillstone Finance is an asset-backed crypto project launched by Hillstone Partners. There are many limitations existing in current financial industry, such as high minimum investment, intermediary costs, legislative and geographic constraints in investment, and misinformation. These limitations have been hindering retail investors from investing in lucrative funds. In order to solve those problems in traditional finance, Hillstone Finance combines blockchain and finance. By leveraging blockchain technology, Hillstone Finance aims to enable everyone to easily invest in financial products.

Q3) Please give us a road map of your HILLSTONE FINANCE?

Hillstone Finance was first launched in the 2nd quarter of 2020. During the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2020, platform contract IAP is completed, and Hillstone Finance white paper published.

Earlier this year, Hillstone Finance platform Investors entered the development stage. In the second quarter of 2021, Investors client-end is complete. Now, we launched Investors on Mainnet, and our token is listed on Uniswap. We are building up Hillstone Finance global community. In the fourth quarter of 2021, we will launch blockchain project based on HSF token fundraising contract, and expand Hillstone Finance’s strategic partners.

Next year, we will open diversified, multi-currency investment portfolio, and invite financial institutions into our project. In the second quarter of 2022, we aim to become a global defi platform, while keep upgrading our platform, product, and scale.

For a complete roadmap, please check the link below:

Q4) Every project has a final goal which it is aiming to reach. Whats that final goal HILLSTONE FINANCE?

Our final goal is to allow everyone to easily invest in financial products using our HSF token.

Q5) Please shed some light on the Benefits of HILLSTONE FINANCE?

First of all, Hillstone Finance Token (HSF) is backed by asset. Since the value of our token is linked to the value of assets, our token is more stable than other cryptocurrencies. The primary usage of HSF is to invest in assets verified by our expert audit team. Users can either stake HSF in products to earn interest or sell HSF for current token price.

Secondly, Hillstone Finance allows for instant liquidation of asset. Even after users stake HSF in funds, they can still give up investing in funds and sell HSF anytime if the market price of HSF is higher than the expected revenue of fund. Users’ money will not be entitled to a specific product for a long time.In addition, we have “re-invest” feature which allows users to re-stake in an on-going fund.

Lastly, users can hedge their investment by using HSF to invest in various assets listed on our platform. Even if the price of HSF plunges, users are protected by safe assets that provide certain interests. On contrary, if the expected income of products decreases, users can choose to sell HSF to prevent loss.

Q6) Could you tell us a little about your greatest achievements last month, what are you working on right now? What are the main thoughts you want to convey through today’s AMA?

The greatest achievement last month is definitely the launch of our platform Investors on Mainnet. The main objective right now is to build up a solid community and get listed on top exchanges. Hillstone Finance is going to revolutionize the traditional financial industry.

Q7) NFT is the hottest thing that blows the minds of investors and developers around the world, but it doesn’t guarantee the success of an NFT project. How can #Hillstone_Finance ‘survive’ around hundreds of NFT projects?

To make it clear, we are not an NFT project. But I have to admit that NFT is currently one of the hottest topics. We are confident that we can survive around NFT projects because we are a unique project which combines traditional finance with blockchain. As long as finance is there, Hillstone Finance will also be there.

Q8) Hillstone transactions are very expensive, especially now that it is decentralized with Eth. So, how do you implement a mechanism that allows these rates to be much cheaper and more attractive to potential users?

Good question. Our team discovered the drawbacks of using Ethereum network, which is the high gas fee. So we are preparing to deploy BSC network to make it cheaper and more accessible.

Q9) Many new enterprises produced an excellent initial impression but were abruptly abandoned. How will you handle your project to achieve traction in the industry and establish yourself as a top token in the blockchain world?

Hillstone Finance is a project from the oldest M&A fund company in Korea — Hillstone Partners. Hillstone Partners has been present for more than 20 years, and has the record of achieving the first cross-border M&A as a Korean company. We have a huge network throughout the world and a lot of experience in finance and investment. We will utilize all of our resource to introduce quality financial products to our users. The quality of our sourced products will determine the value and demand for our HSF token.

Q10) While you build your project do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Absolutely Yes! Our primary audience is every individuals. We take into account every feedbacks and demands. In the last event, we have received feedbacks from our community members that Ether is costing high gas fee. So we have decided to develop a BSC based system to solve this problem. Moreover, we have heard complains about UX / UI, so we are also planning to upgrade user experience for our community members.

Q11) why investors should buy and hold your token/coin in the long term?

Hillstone finance not only allows for short-term profit, but also for long-term profit. Users can use HSF to invest in products and realize product interest. Moreover, users can re-invest in products to claim for share.

Q12) What is the contract address to buy your token and what are your plan to list in top tier centralized exchanges?

You can buy our token either in dextools or Uniswap. Check out this link: https://www.dextools.io/app/ether/pair-explorer/0xa761e8123ae6ae113d2d9fa1f96e28f70a0cf468

For exchanges, we are working with our partners overseas to get listed on global top exchanges.

Q13) I see that one of the use-cases of your token is for its users to select their fund manager. Could share with us the background and credibility of your fund managers? How experienced and reliable are your fund managers for the users to rely on their with their investments?

Let me make it clear. HSF holders do not select fund managers. Users use HSF to invest in financial products. We have fund managers who import products to our platform. They are currently working in global top financial institutions. As I said, Hillstone Partners is the oldest M&A firm in Korea. So we have a vast network and tremendous experience in this area.

Q14) The price of all the token in the current market is very low. What is the price of token for your project? And could its price rise further in the future than it does now?

The price for our token now is $4. And yes, it has the potential to increase because we have a unique demand system for our token. The value of HSF is linked to the value of product, so if the product interest increases, HSF price will also increase.

About Hillstone Finance

Hillstone Finance is the first asset-backed cryptocurrency made by Hillstone Partners — the first global M&A firm in Korea. The main goal of Hillstone Finance is to break the existing barriers in financial industry so that everyone can invest in financial products easily.

For more information about Hillstone Finance:

Official Website: https://www.hillstone.finance/

Gitbook: https://hillstone.gitbook.io/hillstone-finance/

Telegram: https://t.me/HillstoneFinanceGlob

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hillstonefin



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