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Hillstone Finance Monthly Update June 2021

Hillstone Finance has the vision of protecting investors from risks and maximizing investors’ profit. This month, we are proud to announce several good news regarding new partnerships, M&A, and technical audit.

Here are the brief summary of what we have done in June 2021:

  • New partnerships: ZellySpace, IRO, BigBlueOcean Group
  • Merger and Acquisition: ADEVT
  • Successful blockchain audit from CertiK

New Partnerships and M&A


The acquisition of ADVET, a blockchain company specializing in AI and big data, marked the start of June for Hillstone. ADEVT has been providing technical support for startups, and it has the record of spotting a security loophole in one of the biggest blockchain project in Korea. This merger equipped Hillstone with a great technological edge in developing a blockchain-based investment platform.


Hillstone has partnered with ZellySpace to build the bedrock for launching wallet service. ZellySpace is a blockchain company which focuses on improving people’s life by bringing digital assets closer to daily life. The purpose of the alliance between Hillstone and ZellySpace is to make investment opportunities more accessible and affordable.


IRO, or International Review and Rating Optimization Platform, joined Hillstone Finance to provide accurate startup review and overseas opportunities for Korean startups. Hillstone has been the leading figure in accelerating legitimate startups. IRO’s expertise in startup evaluation and Hillstone’s rich resources and network will create a synergy in accelerating local startups.

BigBlueOcean Group

Hillstone and BigBlueOcean Group have signed LP contract in the end of June. According to the agreement, BigBlueOcean Group will be HIllstone’s main LP in the process of launching Hillstone Finance project. BigBlueOcean Group is a Singaporean company focusing on global fundraising and SPCA listing.

Blockchain Audit from CertiK

CertiK is a security leaderboard for all DeFi projects. It analyzes and monitors security risks in blockchain protocols and DeFi projects. CertiK provides services such as Reimbursement, Auditing, Skynet and Security Oracle.

For detailed security analysis of Hillstone Finance: https://www.certik.org/projects/hillstonefinance

For more information about Hillstone Finance:

Official Website: https://www.hillstone.finance/

Gitbook: https://hillstone.gitbook.io/hillstone-finance/

Telegram: https://t.me/HillstoneFinanceGlob

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hillstonefin



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