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Hillstone Finance Token — HSF

What is HSF?

HSF is the token developed by Hillstone Finance. HSF stands for Hillstone Finance Token; it is used only in Hillstone Finance platform — Investors. Investors will introduce lucrative funds selected by Hillstone’s product selection team, and allow users to invest with HSF easily.

How do I get HSF?

There are two ways to get HSF: invest in funds or buy in the market.

One of the main sources of HSF is fund investment. When users invest in a fund, they will get HSF as a proof for investment. To understand how users acquire HSF through investment, we need to learn the investment process in Investors. When funds are listed on Investors platform, users use USDT to invest in funds. After the successful fundraising, the investee receives the investment, and users get HSF for the proof for investment.

Another way to acquire HSF is, like all the other digital currencies, to buy on exchanges. HSF is currently listed on Uniswap, and will be listed on central exchanges.

Primary Usage of HSF

The primary usage of HSF is to invest in funds that are successfully raised and transferred to the investee.

After the initial fundraising round, in which users invest in funds with USDT, users can choose to either stay in funds or to withdraw HSF and sell. If users choose to hold HSF in the fund until the fund matures, they will get the fund interest. However, if users think that selling HSF at the current price is more profitable than the fund interest, they can withdraw from the fund at anytime.

After some users sell HSF, other users can enter the pool, but only with HSF. The division of share in this pool is different from the initial investment.

For initial investors who invested with USDT, they earn the interest in the traditional way: if the fund interest is 20% and a user invested 100 USDT, then the user will get 120 USDT.

On the contrary, for HSF investors, they need to consider the pool size and the total number of HSF currently invested in the pool. Suppose the pool size for HSF investors is $500, and there are no HSF staked inside the pool. If I put 1 HSF into the pool, I will get 600 USDT because the interest is 20% and I am the only one who invested HSF in this pool. My share in this pool equals 100%, just with 1 HSF.

This share division mechanism in an HSF pool will constantly attract demand for HSF, since people can expect to take up large share with low cost.

About Hillstone Finance

Hillstone Finance is a new project launched by Hillstone Partners, the private equity firm with more than 20 years of tradition in Korea. Hillstone developed HSF to allow retail investors to invest in private equities safely. Hillstone will be the leading company in merging finance with blockchain. Our core value lies on sharing the value of innovation so that everyone can benefit from high-value investment.


Official Website: https://www.hillstone.finance/

Gitbook: https://hillstone.gitbook.io/hillstone-finance/

Telegram: https://t.me/HillstoneFinanceGlob

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hillstonefin

Hillstone Partners Portfolio: https://www.hillstonepe.co/



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