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Investors Mainnet Launching Event

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We are glad to announce that the Investors Mainnet is open. Investors is the name of the platform made by Hillstone Finance which aims to apply blockchain technology into finance.

What is Investors?

Investors is a hybrid platform that allows users to invest in financial products with cryptocurrency. The benefit of using cryptocurrency for investment is that users can instantly liquidate their asset anytime. Moreover, instead of selling their tokens, users can stake their tokens in products listed on our platform and earn product interest after the end date.

In Investors, users can experience unprecedented access to lucrative funds, especially to those venture funds that used to exclude retail investors. Individual investors had limited access to venture opportunities due to information inequality, geographical and legislative constraints, high minimum investment and intermediary costs. However, Investors breaks these barriers to entry by leveraging the blockchain technology.

The launching of Investors Mainnet

The Investors Testnet was first launched in the late August. The Testnet included minimal features such as connecting to the wallet and investing in a sample product. After numerous testings, Hillstone Finance team has successfully launched the Investors Mainnet on 9 Sept.

With the launching of Mainnet, users can now invest in real products with improved latency and extra functions. Our users can see all the listed products on our platform, as well as product details (product name, pool capacity, expected revenue, status and etc.). Moreover, participants can “Unstake” and “Restake” HSF.

You can access to our Investors Mainnet here:

Mainnet Launching Event

Investors Launching Event Poster

About Hillstone Finance

Hillstone Finance is the first asset-backed cryptocurrency made by Hillstone Partners — the first global M&A firm in Korea. The main goal of Hillstone Finance is to break the existing barriers in financial industry so that everyone can invest in financial products easily.

For more information about Hillstone Finance:

Official Website: https://www.hillstone.finance/

Gitbook: https://hillstone.gitbook.io/hillstone-finance/

Telegram: https://t.me/HillstoneFinanceGlob

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hillstonefin



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