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Monthly Update August 2021

August has been a fruitful month for Hillstone Finance. There are quite a number of new articles published in famous websites such as Nasdaq, Bitcoinist, and etc. Moreover, we have launched our first testnet of our platform “Investors” in August.

Brief summary of events and news in August 2021:

  • Publication of articles related to Hillstone Finance
  • The launch of Investors testnet

Articles Publication

So far, there are 15 articles published in total, and more articles are coming in the future. Below are some significant media that featured Hillstone Finance.


Hillstone, recognized for its expertise in Finance and blockchain, has been approved by Nasdaq to publish the article “Retail Investors are the Future of Venture Capital”. In this article, we have provided insightful summary of current venture capital market and blockchain technology. The main theme of this article was the VC market’s exclusivity toward retail investors and our solution to enhance accessibility towards venture investment for every investors.


Hillstone was also introduced on Bitcoinist, a media specialized in digital assets and blockchain news, as “an M&A Fund Breaking Barriers of Entry in the Financial Markets.” The article emphasized the growing market value in VC and the high entry barriers existing in the investment market. Hillstone Finance allows investors to invest directly in startups through its “secure and safe smart contract technology-based platform.”

London Daily Post

In London Daily Post, Hillstone Partners and its CEO Rayol Hwang were heralded as the leading figures who are revolutionizing finance through blockchain. Rayol gave a general introduction on Hillstone Partners, and told about his vision and thoughts.


Other press articles introducing Hillstone Finance include Disruptmagazine, Thriveglobal, The Open News, FabworldToday, and etc.

You can see the list of original articles here:

The Launch of Testnet



We are glad to announce the first launching of our Investors testnet. It is currently on service in Goerli Testnet. It requires connecting Metamask wallet to the server so that users can start investing in different projects with our platform token HSF.

Testnet link:

We are grateful to share these new August updates to our audience. Hillstone Finance keeps thriving to achieve its vision of lowering the investment barriers by combining blockchain and finance. Retail investors will soon be able to experience a new investment paradigm with Hillstone Finance.

For more information about Hillstone Finance:

Official Website: https://www.hillstone.finance/

Gitbook: https://hillstone.gitbook.io/hillstone-finance/

Telegram: https://t.me/HillstoneFinanceGlob

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hillstonefin



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