6 clever ideas for hiMoment collections

What was your hiMoment today? And how would you categorize it? Was it an activity, a feeling, or something you did with a friend?

When you share a hiMoment with me, tag it with a TOPIC hashtag, and I will reward you with a collection of that topic.

Collections are your life in your pocket

It only takes a little bit of creativity to create collections that matter to you. Here are six ideas on how you can build collections that matter.

  1. People: Tag moments with the people you experienced them with and get a collection of the best moments with #anna, #friends, #family, #BAE, or #hiMo. Then, share it with them on their birthdays :).
  2. Activities: Get a top of #workout, #photography, #dancing, #reading, #stuffYouLikeDoing collection.
  3. Places: Next time you travel, create a special travel hashtag (e.g. #Iceland17) or show some love for your #hood.
  4. Feelings: Capturing your emotions along with your moments has shown to be very beneficial to improve your happiness. Discover your best moments of #bliss, #gratitude, #confidence, or even #butterflies.
  5. Funny: Whether it is a #randomFunnyScene or #joke, funny moments are meant to be remembered. These will be the hilarious collection you will look for when you need to be cheered up.
  6. Growth goals: We all have goals but sometimes struggle to stick to them. By capturing the moments where you are in pursuit of your goals, you will stay motivated to reach them.

Hint: Use the same hashtags for similar moments to get higher quality collections. #DoNotUseRidiculousHashtagsLikeOnInstagram

What will be the TOPIC of your hiMoment today?

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