Small IS beautiful when it comes to your happiness

Humans keep chasing the (alleged) gold pot at the end of the rainbow rather than simply admiring the rainbow for what it is and be like

“Woohoo, nature is great!”

It took me many years of practicing to gain the tail strength to do this pose. Worth it!

Of all the misconceptions about happiness I have come across in my many years as a happiness guru, the most damaging one is probably the idea that happiness is the short-lived feeling of joy that follows a “big moment” (e.g. acing your final exams, your wedding, a career breakthrough, or winning the Super Bowl).

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll get your dose of serotonin out of big moments. But putting happiness on hold until those come around is bad advice.

The video below explains why “small moments” have a bigger impact on our happiness than big ones, but only if you do this one simple thing…

Like the mysterious “simple thing” you need to do, the video only takes 2 minutes.
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