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Hims & Hers Is Coming to All 50 States

Since day one, Hims & Hers has been focused on delivering safe, effective and efficient digital health services to people across the United States. In just two years, we’re proud to have powered more than one million digital healthcare visits. As we carry our mission into 2020, we’re excited to start the year off strong by announcing that we’re adding video and phone consultation to our platform for the first time and expanding our services to cover all 50 states.

Until now, visits with physicians through our platform have been conducted via asynchronous consultations, which allow our doctors and patients to chat securely in text messages. It’s a method of communication we strongly believe in and will continue to offer. Because certain states require real-time provider and patient interactions, adding video and phone communications will allow Hims & Hers to bring our services to more than 20 new states. In short, this move will expand access to convenient, high-quality health care to more Americans.

“Expanding our service across all 50 states is a landmark moment for our company,” says Hims & Hers’ founder and CEO Andrew Dudum. “It enables us to provide access to quality care for more people across the United States, particularly those in rural populations and underserved communities.”

When patients arrive at Hims & Hers, they will begin receiving care as they always have, by completing a thorough form about their medical history and symptoms. Then, depending on the condition they’re seeking treatment for and the state in which the patient lives, they will either securely message their doctor through our platform or speak with them via a synchronous phone call or video chat. Regardless of which route they take, all patients will still pay one clear price and have access to convenient at-home prescription delivery.

What a video consultation looks like on the Hims & Hers platform.

This new feature will allow us to give more people access to treatment across more conditions, but we’re particularly proud of the potential it has to change the lives of those living in medical deserts — regions of America where access to healthcare is limited or non-existent. The National Rural Health Association reports that 77 percent of rural counties in the United States are considered “Primary Care Health Professional Shortage Areas” and 9 percent have no physicians at all.

“Launching in these remaining states allows us to provide patients equal opportunity access to doctors in rural areas, towns, and cities,” says Hims & Hers’ Chief Operations Officer Melissa Baird. “Providing all people, regardless of geography, with a convenient option for high-quality healthcare is the core of our mission.”

We are always looking to provide access to treatment for more people across more conditions while maintaining the standard of care our patients expect. The knowledgeable physicians who work with Hims & Hers have an average of 14 years of experience practicing medicine and go through a comprehensive interview and on-boarding process.

“Enabling synchronous interactions with physicians and expanding our reach to 50 states goes hand in hand with our mission to increase access to care for more people across the country, especially those in rural communities,” says Hims & Hers’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Pat Carroll. “This goes to the heart of why Hims & Hers exists: where you live shouldn’t have an impact on the care you receive. That is the future of digital health.”




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