We’re really proud of our growing team, which has doubled in size in the last year. Because of this we have changed our structure to make sure we are meeting the needs of our team and of our clients.

Rebekah Barry
Nov 16, 2018 · 3 min read

We have decided to arrange our leadership team into:

Directors — lead the organisation
Regional Leads — lead on business, contracts and delivering projects in their geographical area
Heads of Profession — lead our people and professions

Our Heads of Profession team

Liz Whitefield — Director with responsibility for people and professions

Darren Hutton — Head of Technology and Delivery

Matt Fielding — Head of Design

Mike Tattersall — Head of Product

Rebekah Barry — Head of Content Design

Mark Branigan — Head of User Research

Vacancy — Head of Business Analysis

What we do

We are experts in our fields and advocates of our professions

We are responsible for the quality of work produced and delivered across all of our projects. We aren’t just people managers, and aim to lead by example, using our expertise for the benefit of our clients.

We represent Hippo Digital at events as the recognised expert and leader for our profession. The heads of professions are the advocates for our specialisms and we aim to inspire others with our passion.

Hire the right people

We need to find, hire and keep hold of the best people. We know that specialists value how their profession is seen and treated within a consultancy, and our standards are high for both ourselves and our specialists.

We look for great people who support each other, and value and contribute to our communities of practice.

Manage and mentor

A big part of the role is to look after our colleagues within our profession. We make sure people are given opportunities to develop in a way that suits their needs. We help each other through mentoring, coaching, and through our communities.

Build communities of practice and collate and share knowledge

Hippo Digital have specialists working across projects in different organisations across the country. We will share our learnings and experience so that wherever possible we solve problems for our clients once, rather than repeatedly.

Our communities of practice support each other and also connect with fellow professionals in other organisations — particularly our colleagues in government departments.

Make sure the right people are on the right projects to deliver for our clients

We work with the regional leads to plan, find and allocate the right people for the projects to ensure that our client’s outcomes are met.

We work with the delivery teams to help them to understand the roles of our specialists, and support them to deliver quality services.

We’re looking for a Head of Profession for Business Analysis to come and join the team — if you’re interested in having a chat about this role, or are interested in joining us in a different role please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Hippo Digital

Insights and news from the Hippo Digital team

Rebekah Barry

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Content Designer

Hippo Digital

Insights and news from the Hippo Digital team

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