The Secret To Digital Transformation is…

Liz Whitefield
Feb 20, 2018 · 2 min read

The secret to Digital Transformation?

As I celebrate my 1 year anniversary as a Hippo I found myself in a reflective mode. It reminded me of the chance I got to discuss the above question with a great bunch of people at Founders Friday — hosted by the great team at a few weeks ago in Leeds.

Only having 5 minutes to present and beer waiting for the audience gave me a great excuse to respond:

“If only I had longer….it’s a secret, I could tell you, but will have to….”

OK so I did have a bit longer than 30 seconds so I asked my fellow Hippos. Setting aside the joke answers (42…potatoes..). I wasn’t surprised by the following:

“Is that really the right question?””What problem are you trying to solve Liz?””It’s not about Digital, it’s about designing usable services that meet the need of the people using them?”

This led me to the following conclusion and a topic I could talk with vigour and confidence on — people.

Successful Digital Transformation

Its about people

….. the customer, citizen, patient, health care worker who we can help, by designing usable services that improve outcomes/make their life easier, save them time, offering leaner options that are more cost effective.

Its about people

…..the great community of professionals we have in Leeds and nationally who are passionate about great service design. Who collaborate, work in the open and share the same vision, no matter what badge they wear. The leaders and role models who inspire us, so effectively articulated by Kit Collingwood in her recent video about her .

Its about people

… fellow Hippos who engender all of the above, make me proud, make me laugh a lot and often humble me by their breadth of commitment and knowledge.

So a year on what do I reflect on? Roll on next year and more great things to come!

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This year we are taking the opportunity to meet more people by attending events throughout the year where we would love to meet you and talk UX and service design that really makes a difference.

You can see us at

— 26 February and all year

— First Direct Arena Leeds 28 February

— ODI Leeds 9th — 11th March

— Edinburgh 7–9 March

— 15–16 March

— TBC 16–27 April

— ODI Leeds 5–7 June

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