Introducing Editing Darkroom on Hipstamatic X-6

Editing Darkroom Now in X-6

Lucas Allen Buick
Aug 21, 2020 · 4 min read

Today we are launching a new set of editing tools in Hipstamatic X-6, available to all members. This is an exciting moment for the X product. It’s the best parts of all the editing products we’ve released over the past decade, simplified and amplified. From Swankolab to Oggl to 300, all the best stuff is now in X. And this is just the beginning– the new architecture in X allows us to build, test, and release new tools faster. Now your entire photo library can take a dip in the retro inspired pool!

A Powerful New UI

UI Exploration for Editing Darkroom in X-6

Release Notes from Hipstamatic X-6

  • Automatically sync presets with Hipstamatic Classic (requires iCloud)
  • Robust gear and preset search: search by style and characteristics (such as Landscape or Grain)
  • New Grain tool with grain size control
  • Includes new gear in the Supply Catalog (Frederick lens and Combo 2X film)
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

A Special Note for Hipstamatic Classic 300 Diehards…

  • Share Custom-Built Analog Cameras
    Create your own custom rig, complete with your favorite analog controls and camera shell, that produces your perfect Hipstamatic look from hundreds of lens, film, and flash combinations. Then share your look with friends to help them make their photos a little more retro.
  • Earn Special Photo Stamps in Passport
    Our lovingly crafted Passport is a log of your photographic journey with Hipstamatic. Earn stamps for shooting daily photos and more. It feels good to take more photos!
  • Special Darkroom Features for Classic
    To make it easier to try out X, we are syncing all your presets between the two apps automatically (just make sure you have iCloud enabled). We also have new sorting options to help find the right lens, film, or flash, including searching by name.
  • Exclusive Membership Offer
    Lastly, if you haven’t yet given the Maker’s Club in X a try, we have a special offer just for Classic users waiting for you.

Thanks for all the continued support and feedback as we continue our quest to build a fun place for other photo nerds to hangout on their iPhones.

Lucas, Ryan, Aravind, Mario, & Allan
(The entire Hipstamatic Team)

In case you are panicing. STOP. Relax. Maybe take a deep breath. Hipstamatic Classic isn’t going anywhere, and we will continue to support our baby with bug fixes and other updates as we work and make X the best analog app it can be.

However, a lot of our other products will likely be sunset and their best features will be integrated into X at some point. Things like Cinamatic, Oggl, DSPO, D-Series, SwankoLab, IncrediBooth, IncrediBooth Video, SCENE Magazine, etc. As a tiny team of photo nerds, we simply don’t have the resources to support so many apps, and the business of selling 99 cent apps is no longer viable in 2020. If you have favorite “can’t live without” features from any of those products please let us know. We are listening and want to bring the best of the best into X!


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