Pretty Colors

A holiday special production from Hipster Data Science.

For the scientists: y axis is number of messages in a week 0–5000.
A surprisingly even distribution.


Much of the code I use to curate and visualize this data can be found at but it is still very much a work in progress and probably won’t be of great use to anyone else for a while.

  • 2007–09 to 2009–09 I am missing all text messages. This is the date range between when I got my first cell phone and when I started using Google Voice full time. You may notice a lot of charts begin at this date.
  • ?? to 2011 I am missing some early Facebook chats because Facebook chat history was not kept by the service until Facebook merged chat and messenger in 2011.
  • I stopped tracking Skype after 2011–10 due to incredibly sparse usage, I basically stopped using Skype overnight when I moved to California.



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