A vibrant walkman for the hearing-impaired

Exciting news!

Marian, our kid with the Apples from hipwerk is presenting his startup at Pioneers Festival Vienna.

He and his co-founder Bogdan have a really cool hardware product called Sensewave that helps people with hearing defficiencies to feel the music.

Here’s how they describe the product themselves:

70 million. That’s the official number of hearing-defficient people in the world. 70 million people that might have never heard music, or are not able to anymore. We want to give these people a new sensation, by playing music on their skin.

Projects like these need all the support they can get as they can have a meaningful impact on other people’s lives. If you know people with hearing deficits please make sure to pass on the link as they might be interested.

The very first version of the prototype looked like this:

If you want to support the idea make sure to check out the website and sign up for the newsletter.

Marian, make us proud at Pioneers!

Originally published at blog.hipwerk.com on May 27, 2015.