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Jun 19, 2016 · 2 min read
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We value quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter if you’re recruiting to fill one critical position or 10, when you want to attract the best talent, visibility matters. Am I right?

Becoming a Featured Company on HireHer gives you that visibility. It heightens your impact, shines a spotlight on your company and shows that you’re in support of a bigger purpose.

  • Increased job views: Showcased at the top of SHERO home page
  • A company profile: Tell our candidates about your company culture and vision using photos, audio & video — bringing your company and job openings vividly to life.
  • Text ads in email job alerts
  • Assistance with drafting your job post: SHERO targets a very specific, high-quality audience and crafting a job post that resonates with our candidates is critical to attracting & hiring the talent you want
  • More job ads: Up to 10 listed job openings + your main photo/audio/video job listing
  • Statistics (views, reads referrals etc.)

*All normal plan features also included.

We believe in companies that value diversity — and so do our candidates.

. To stay true to our mission, we will give priority to companies we see proactively taking steps to help shrink the gender diversity gap in tech. Sounds like your company?

Claim your Featured Company *spot

*Only 4 spots remaining!

If you know someone who may find this interesting, please click the 💚 to recommend and share! Join us on our quest to shrink the gender diversity gap in tech. Find us on Twitter and say hi :)


We’re closing the diversity gap in every organization on…

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