Lead Software Engineer

@ Blink Health

Jul 19, 2016 · 2 min read
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We are looking for talented engineers to join our team at Blink Health. Blink Health is a Manhattan-based venture-backed healthcare technology company. Blink’s mission is to use technology to make healthcare affordable for everyone. The company’s first product allows all Americans access to the lowest prices on their prescription medications.

You will help build the the underlying platform that supports all our services. You will work closely with people across the organization to build the core systems and services that will power our products.


  • Building solid, well tested back-end systems that can be used across many features
  • Focusing on the security of our users’ data
  • Helping to maintain the operational reliability of our production systems


  • An expert in several languages — we like Python and Go but try to pick the best tool for every job
  • Able to discuss the merits of many different data stores and pick the right one for a given problem
  • Capable of building backend services from the ground up — from API specs to scalability
  • Familiar with Amazon Web Services and modern infrastructure technology
  • Opinionated and yet pragmatic about technologies and development practices


  • Descriptions of projects that you’ve worked on and are most proud of
  • Links to where we can see your code: Github, Bitbucket, etc
  • Links to your website, portfolio, blog, Twitter and/or any other places you publish
  • Several years of experience building complex, large scale applications
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