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@ Zapier

Hello there!

Zapier is looking for a Support/QA engineer to help grow our collection of [API integrations]( If you think APIs will define the future of the web, read on…

We know applying for and taking on a new a job at any company requires a leap of faith. We want you to feel comfortable and excited to apply at Zapier. To help share a bit more about life at Zapier here are a few resources in addition to the job description that can give you an inside look at what life is like at Zapier. Hopefully you’ll take the leap of faith and apply.

About You

You are interested in APIs, and what differentiates the great ones from the rest. You want to become an expert in API standards, and aren’t afraid to dig into HTTP requests to find out how closely an API follows them. You’re interested in seeing where technology can be put to use in automating processes. You are a capable programmer, but you are more interested in the applied side of technology, than putting your head down and cranking out hundreds of lines of code. At Zapier:

  • You’ll be a shepherd for our platform and partners, evaluating new apps when they are submitted to become part of our global catalog of integrations.
  • You’ll interact with dozens of API providers to communicate our requirements and get their Zapier apps up to our standards.
  • You’ll work to improve existing apps, migrating to newer versions of APIs, fixing bugs, and responding to user requests.
  • You’ll help to streamline the process of bringing an app live on Zapier by improving the code of the developer platform.
  • You’ll automate as much of the above as you can.
  • You’ll constantly be learning new things about APIs and SaaS businesses, and that motivates you.
  • You’ll help customers via support. Zapier practices All Hands Support meaning everyone on the team from time to time spends some time helping our customers have a great experience using Zapier.

If you feel like growing your experience and taking on these responsibilities, this role may be for you. This is a chance to build your expertise in API integrations, while working to automate your way through new challenges within a growing team.

You can think of this role as one that needs the knowledge base that an engineer has, but is more focused on working with people. Good experience to have had (in addition to any engineering experience) is in QA or QE, teaching/training, sales engineering or business development, or project management.

About Zapier

For the past five years, Zapier has been helping people across the world automate the boring and tedious parts of their job. We do that by helping everyone connect the web applications they already use and love.

We believe that there are jobs a computer is best at doing and that there are jobs a human is best at doing. We want to empower businesses to create processes and systems that let computers do what they are best at doing and let humans do what they are best at doing.

We believe that with the right tools, you can have big impact with less hassle.

We believe in small teams. Small teams are fast and nimble. Small teams mean less bureaucracy and less management and more getting things done.

We believe that credentials don’t say everything. Our CTO has a finance degree. Our CEO has an engineering degree. Our CPO has a mechanical engineering degree. What you love doing is way more important than the credentials you have.

We believe in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment. All teammates at Zapier agree to a code of conduct:


The Whole Package

Location: Planet Earth

If you want to work remote, that’s cool. If you want to work near others, that’s cool too! The Zapier team is 50 people spread across 9 countries.


  • Competitive salary (we don’t use remote as an excuse to pay less)
  • Great healthcare + dental + vision coverage
  • Retirement plan with 4% company match
  • Profit sharing
  • 2 annual company retreats to fun places
  • 14 weeks paid leave for new parents

Pick your own equipment. We’ll set you up with whatever laptop + monitor combo you want plus any software you need.

Unlimited vacation policy (plus we insist you take at least 2 weeks off each year — this isn’t a vague policy where unlimited vacation means no vacation). Work-life balance is really important to everyone at Zapier — we believe it and practice it!

Work with awesome companies around the world. We partner with the best software companies in the world and you’ll constantly get to [interact with people from these great companies: (

How To Apply

We have a non-standard application process. To jump start the process we ask a few questions we normally would ask at the start of an interview. This helps speed up the hiring process and lets us get to know you a bit better right out the gate. Make sure to answer each question. Have fun with them. :-)

Complete this form with answers to the below questions:


1. Tell us why you’d be a good fit for the role. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile or resume.

2. Tell us about a time you helped a customer or someone else outside of a coworker be successful

3. Tell us about something you’ve automated for yourself or for others (if you haven’t yet, now’s a good time to try out Zapier!)

4. Tell us about your career goals — how do you see this role fitting into that?

5. Include links to your portfolio, Github profile or provide us with 500+ LOC via a gist. We’re hoping to see some code you wrote in the past.

6. Look at this list:( and pick the

5 things that most excite you. Also pick the 5 things that least excite you.

Finally, wait for us to reply. We reply to everyone, even if we don’t seem like a good fit.

Zapier is an equal opportunity employer. We’re excited to work with talented and empathetic people no matter their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age. Our code of conduct ( provides a beacon for the kind of company we strive to be and we celebrate our differences because those differences are what allow us to make a product that serves a global user base.

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