Sales Operations

@ MapBox


We’re creating the geospatial platform of the future and developers building with Mapbox do incredible work. You will help change the way people interact with the world around them, influencing everything from how people track their workouts, to how food is delivered in your city, to how governments monitor deforestation, to how non-profits visualize millions of electoral votes.

Our business team is positive, loves to win, and is super focused on the growth of those around us. Help us grow Mapbox! This role will work closely with teams across Mapbox, including sales, customer success, finance, platform, legal, and operations.

Your role

  • Develop, improve, document, and advocate for processes that make sales and customer success more efficient, productive, and transparent.
  • Develop reporting for sales effectiveness and productivity. Review our metrics.
  • Know the forecasting process and make sure the quality of our data supports rock solid forecasts.
  • Conduct pipeline and funnel reviews.

Qualities we’re looking for

  • Rock solid written and verbal communications skills.
  • Experience in sales operations or management consulting within the software industry.
  • Knowledge of sales methodologies and sales force automation tools including Salesforce.
  • Experience in data wrangling as well as data analysis, modeling, and reporting.
  • Devotion to systems, repeatability, efficiency, and measurement.
  • Technical savvy and eagerness to learn.

Sound like you? Drop us a line at

  • Send your Linkedin profile and any public examples of your written work.
  • Tell us why you’re interested in Mapbox.
  • Read up on our blog and developer pages. Hit us up with questions or something you were inspired to build!

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