Senior API Engineer

@ Hinge

Jul 21, 2016 · 2 min read
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Be part of a small but rapidly growing, tier 1 VC-backed startup, and work on a product your friends are using.

Hinge is looking for experienced platform engineers to join our team and help innovate upon and grow the Hinge API. We’re looking for smart, organized, delivery-minded engineers who love working with others to build cool stuff. Passion for social products and building great software are a must.


  • Ship reliable software on time, meeting product requirements
  • Take a leading role in designing new services within the distributed system that comprises our backend platform (e.g APIs, internal services, and data processing pipelines)
  • Develop new user-facing features from conception to execution
  • Help to advance best practices within the engineering team through participation in design & code reviews
  • As a small team, we all take part in on-call rotation
  • As a small team, we are all expected to learn/know how the entire system works end-to-end
  • Work across our stack with technologies like Docker, Python, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, Kinesis, NSQ, Chef, Go


  • You are pragmatic and understand the trade-offs between the perfect solution and a working solution
  • Good understanding of distributed systems, data stores, data modeling, indexing and associated trade-offs.
  • Strong problem solving and debugging skills
  • The ability to clearly express your ideas to others, particularly in the realm of system design


  • Experience with SOA/micro-services architecture
  • Experience developing & operating a consumer-focused application with +100K MAUs
  • Experience developing APIs for mobile clients

This is a full-time position in NYC. The compensation package includes benefits & equity.


$130K — $175K Salary
0.2% — 0.6% Equity

About the team

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