Software Engineer

@ Teachable

We’re seeking a mid-level full-stack software engineer for our mostly Rails & Angular stack.

We’re a small, tight-knit team of smart people who like to get a lot done with minimal management/meetings overhead. We collaborate on roadmap, design, and architecture. We help each other out, peer code review, and sometimes pair. And we all love our jobs.

Teachable is a white-label online course platform used for interactive courses on everything from iOS development to watercolor painting to Japanese rope bondage. We’ve got thousands of paying customers making money selling courses, over a million registered students, and are growing fast.

The platform is multi-tenant and fully customizable by users, including templated pages, theming, and complex pricing, so we’ve got some really interesting product challenges (especially given how quickly we’re growing).

This is a job for a solid programmer with at least some web application experience and likely at least 2 years of real company experience under their belt. An ideal candidate would (we understand we don’t live in an ideal world):

* Have production Rails and/or Angular experience at a real company. Full-stack experience with other frameworks is ok too, though. 
* Care about good programming practices, e.g. OO principles, test coverage, readability/maintainability, performance, etc. 
* Value working as part of a team, supporting the other team members and giving constructive code reviews and/or pairing up when needed. 
* Be interesting, creative, fun to work with, and interested in doing cool things with our very cool product. 
* Varied experience — such as ops/design — is always a plus. Excellent, experienced programmers from other disciplines are also welcome if you’re interested in web applications — as we grow, these varied skillsets can be very valuable.

We are well funded with low burn, and are happy to discuss revenue, profitability, and company trajectory in detail with qualified candidates.

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