Hire My Friends: These Are My Most Talented Friends Available For Hire [April 13, 2016]

For managers, founders, or recruiters looking for talented people, I personally know and vouch for everyone listed here.

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Introduction & Explanation of This Post

This is an experiment based on two beliefs:

  1. The best hiring connections happen through personal networks.
  2. The best candidates are snapped up quickly before they ‘hit the market’

So, I have collected a handful of talented friends who are looking for new opportunities but are not yet publicly available.

Since they are all currently employed, anonymity is important. Often specific company names are withheld, since I’m posting this publicly. This is also a great excuse to give them all badass codenames.

If you are interested in hiring one of them or connecting, just click the link under their codename to get an introduction and I will put you in touch!

Here’s who we have in this Edition:

  • Product Manager/Generalist
  • Portfolio Manager/Fintech Entrepreneur
  • Product/Project Manager
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineering Graduate

Product Manager/Generalist — Codename: Cor

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  • Head of Product at consumer-focused SaaS company
  • Established Product Management as in-house competency
  • Managed offshore team of 3


  • Founder of consumer mobile startup, Conceptualized, designed, shipped two iOS applications
  • Helped formulate business model and raise funds for multiple university technology spinouts
  • M&A in Shanghai

Looking for:

  • Opportunity to work alongside/under seasoned product person
  • A company that appreciates and emphasizes aesthetic
  • Team that talks with users often and genuinely empathizes with users’ needs

Cor is new to the Bay Area, and eager to throw himself into a startup role that will pressure him to learn fast and do great work.

Portfolio Manager and FinTech Entrepreneur — Codename: Far

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Seeking Portfolio Management role


  • Head of Product Management at FIX based post-trade startup
  • Designed and flagship Asset Manager and Broker Dealer post-trade products used by global asset managers and broker dealers.
  • CFA Charterholder, Certified FRM; Serve on the Board of Directors at 2 technology startups.


  • Managed a $12M family office equity and fixed income portfolio
  • Associate in the Fixed Income Portfolio Management and Trading Group at Blackrock (formerly Barclays Global Investors)
  • Associate at MSCI Barra in the Data Content and Production group

Looking for:

  • Equity or Fixed Income Portfolio Management roles
  • Family office, Hedge Fund, or Asset Manager (preferably below $10B AUM)
  • FinTech opportunities with a portfolio management or trading technology role

Product/Project Manager — Codename: Red

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Manager-level Product/Project Manager & Business Development seeking leadership role at growth stage company.


  • Project/Account Manager at a Detroit consumer products manufacturer.
  • Co-ordinated the design of a 6 station, 7 employee, 2 shift assembly line producing 125 complex units per day.
  • Closed a deal and managed the account, design, and production for a run of 1,000 custom tap handles valued at $33K, with a follow on order 6 months later of the same size.


  • Fellow Community Manager at Venture for America. Focused on recruitment and fundraising.
  • Co-Founder of the educational non-profit Motor City Machine.
  • Vice President/Product Manager at Benzinga.

Looking for:

  • Product management or Business development/Account Management role
  • >10 person company, any sized team
  • If consumer based, hard products are preferred, if tech based, B2B/large scale problems preferred.

A curious and rabid learner, this person knows how to make themselves an asset to any mission by keeping a broad perspective and working hard to get the details right.

Electo-Mechanical Engineer — Codename: Curl

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Seeking a challenging design role in product and industrial design.


  • Graduated from the University of Cape Town, Magna Cum Laude
  • An American citizen with dual South African citizenship
  • Researching design thinking and methodologies


  • Project manager at the University of Cape Town, overseeing wind tunnel testing of the aerodynamic properties of cheetah fur and its potential for use in moving robotic systems
  • Maintenance and Manufacturing Intern at Ithemba Labs
  • Shooting guard for the University of Cape Town Basketball Team.

Looking for:

  • A role in product design incorporating technical design and product development
  • A company with a user-centered mindset
  • A company with a commitment to innovation

Curl made it through one of the toughest degree programs in the world. Now, with a fresh perspective and rigorous technical background, they’re ready to take on fantastic projects and build really cool shit.

Thanks for checking this out. Don’t be shy about asking for introductions or for more information on someone :)

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Thanks to the incomparable Tyler Hayes for the inspiration!

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