Announcing Hire Notes beta!

The new platform for musicians to manage their performances.
*this article was originally published on 09/10/15

Hire Notes beta is live and offers musicians a new tool for managing paid performances. Musicians are invited to sign up for Hire Notes beta on our website. Hire Notes beta is here to help musicians handle the tricky aspects of managing paid performances easily online. Musicians can get paid automatically for performances, keep track of details easily, and collaborate with ensemble members on our web app.

How does it work?

After a musician has secured a paid performance opportunity, he or she can easily enter the performance details into Hire Notes beta. We take care of creating a contract and collecting the deposit for the performance. The musician can invite other ensemble members to join the performance. Once the performance happens, all musicians are paid automatically, on time, guaranteed. If any disputes are to arise, we will arbitrate them according to our customer satisfaction guarantee and musician payment protection policies. We hope musicians will use Hire Notes to easily keep track of their performances, collaborate more easily, and protect their income.

Why did we decide to launch these features first?

We want to improve the paid performance management experience before we release tools that help musicians find more paid performance opportunities. Our research indicated this is a more pressing need. Most musicians we talked to said that managing paid performances can often get tricky or uncomfortable. Most customers only hire musicians on rare occasions such as weddings or benefits, and need clarity surrounding the process and the details which surround paid performances. We also felt it would be more responsible to first improve this experience before we begin to providing musicians more paid performances to manage online, and that we’d be able to learn more about our users’ needs by addressing this experience first.

What’s next?

We hope musicians will start using Hire Notes beta so we can refine the technology to better meet their paid performance needs. We will also begin a limited release of simple online solutions to help customers find and engage musicians online. We look forward to continuing to realize our vision for paid music performances this year.

You can learn more by checking out our homepage and signing up for Hire Notes beta. We’re always looking for feedback so feel free to email us or comment below if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns. Our invitation for coffee is still open!