Hire Notes 101: Coordinate performance details and pay in 2 minutes

Welcome to our short series on managing your performances with Hire Notes! Creating and getting paid for a performance takes about 2 minutes and involves 3 steps:

1. Click “Add Performance”

Start your new performance from your dashboard, or the link in this post :)

The “Add Performance” button on your performances dashbaord

2. Enter performance details

Add details on date and time, location, and rates. You can also set terms on cancellation, overtime, or anything else that’s important to you.

The performance details screen

3. Invite the patron to confirm

You’ll trigger an email invitation to the person who’s responsible for paying you, asking them to approve your details and sign a booking agreement with them. Most patrons agree and provide a way to pay you within 24 hours of the invitation.

The screen to invite the patron, the person who is responsible for paying you for the performance

Hire Notes is free to use!

If you select electronic payment we guarantee on-time payment, but your bank or credit card charge a processing fee of 1.3% or 3.5%. You can choose to add it to the patron’s bill.

Add your next paid performance now by clicking here! If you have any questions or feedback just email our team.